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How A System Did Not Work
Dr. Robert Reuschlein, Empire and Climate Expert Dr. Robert Reuschlein, Empire and Climate Expert
Madison, WI
Thursday, March 25, 2021


Attacked By A Trump Supporter

We live in a divided society in the United States, thanks to propaganda from right wing radio and TV.  This is a natural tendency for a highly militarized empire society over the course of time.  Why? Because the economic stagnancy that comes from draining key resources away from production and into power dominance leads to a similar stagnancy in the political regime.  Having a crazy president like Trump only clarifies trends long time developing.  Thanks to tutoring from Russia's Putin the former president has pushed America closer to dictatorship under Trump with his careful demeaning of all truth that comes from the mainstream press, as he gaslights his way forward denying he ever does anything wrong.  When challenged, he doubles down with the falsehoods to get his way, calling all negative evidence against him a hoax.  This is exactly what happened when a new rookie mailman had problems with our mail and then acted out against our family and was backed up by police when he lied to falsely characterize the surprise attempt to reclaim our mail in real time.  This occurred while the mailman was still on his route after the inappropriate taking of mail from our box late in the day.  It became almost impossible to take on the various bureaucracies of the postal service, police, city attorney and Marines in the face of nine or more major lies documented in the police report.  Fortunately, false statements to police constitute perjury with up to a six year or $10,000 fine for each perjury.  This is a story of how easily a person can be framed and denied rights thanks to institutional and personal biases and incompetence.  Pandemic has forced a lot of junior hires as government is underfunded.

Cast of Characters

Mailman, 23, six months experience.  Afraid the male resident might actually talk to his supervisor, he convinces everyone on an excessive three calls to police that the mail resident attacked him.  Then he concedes that the male resident never came closer than 10 feet away, a gross underestimate of that closest distance as it was more like 25 feet away.  One witness sees him relaxed despite the claim of an attack.  He is easily twice as fast as the old man, who keeps trying to walk up to him to talk about the mail.  He refuses to make eye contact most of the time and keeps moving away until the mailman stops 100 feet away and answers the question "will you give me my mail back?" with the one word answer, "NO".  If he returns the mail, he does not get to punish the old man by forcing him to go to the post office ten minutes away, wait in a long line, to get his mail back in a half hour.

Male Resident, 70, 14-year resident, seeks to get mail back after 7% full mailbox is falsely declared "completely full" on police report.  No required 10-day notice is left in the box despite postal regulations.  Policeman never inquires about size of mailbox, just assumes small mail stack completely fills mailbox.  Must assume an apartment size mailbox, not the 1000 cubic inch mailbox of the resident.

Female Resident, 66, 14-year resident.  Police report leaves out her testimony that no threat to harm the mailman ever occurred, as if two witnesses to one impeached witness does not win the case.

Male Policeman, 35, 20 months experience.  Too inexperienced to detect obvious lies, he fell for everyone of the seven big lies of the mailman, and hid those hideous lies from the male resident, refusing to give him a chance to refute them.  When asked about the police report, he laughs, again showing his bias, guilty until proven innocent.  Then he either does not view the video or he would see that there is no mail truck involved in the incident like the mailman's shaggy dog story lie.  No honking or cutting off in traffic.

Female Policeman, young trainee, months experience at most.  When the lead cop lies and cites the mail truck lie was confirmed by the old man, it must be based on the woman cop asking the old man if he followed the mail truck.  When the old man stared at her, she nodded her head up and down and claimed the old man had confirmed the non-existent episode.  Mailman are 90% on foot and maybe 10% driving while on the route.  There is no room on the timeline for this big "traffic" lie.

Postal Management, generally most experienced of all parties other than the two elderly residents.  At one point on the police call notes the old man is still at the scene and then two minutes later at the postal counter a ten minute drive away.  This was needed to maintain the illusion of "hiding in a garage" long after old man and woman have left the scene.  Despite old man's request to talk to the supervision, the call notes suggest he was trying to see the mailman again.  How absurd, the mailman said "NO" and that is why the couple went to see the supervisor at the post office.

City Attorney, 27, two years experience.  Old man talks to her for 30 minutes, she is incapable of discussing the case intelligently, unlike prior experience with a city attorney.

City Attorney, 33, eight years experience.  Insultingly suggests the mailman should be treated better and that 10 hours of community service is not worth $2000 of the old man's time.  Suggests the post office took the mailman off the route "temporarily" ignoring the postal complaint that completely explains the incident from an honest perspective.  Mail station manager confirms that this is a lie, that the decision to remove postman from the route was for the mutual protection of all parties. 

Key Evidence

Google:  What postal authority exists for removal of all mail from a mailbox?

Answer:  If a mail receptacle is deemed by the letter carrier to be full, the letter carrier will leave a "We ReDeliver for You" form (PS Form 3849) in that receptacle and return the overflow mail to the local Post Office™ location for pickup. Oct 21, 2020.

Video:  Shows no chase ever happened, either by vehicles or on foot.  Completeness belies the traffic incident lie of the mailman and the lie in the police report that the old man confirmed the non-existent traffic incident.  Mailman and policeman perjuries revealed by this video, which covers the whole four-minute incident which began four minutes after the mail was found missing.  The ten minute drive to the post office and a two minute wait in line are confirmed by the police call notes.

Mailman Motive

The Marine flag at the home where the mailman lives with his parents and where another Marine witness made up false charges like honking and swearing and acting like a big ape.  Sounds like one Marine doing a favor for another Marine's son.  Also explains how a "No F-35" and many peace signs on residents property would offend the mailman.  The incident took place on the second workday after the media declared Trump a loser in the election.  The mailman must be a Trump fan and acted out impulsively and with anger taking mail from the resident's mailbox.  Then he lied and called the police when the citizen sought to pursue his constitutional right to petition the government over grievances.  The forty minutes he spent talking to the policeman shows how he had to make more and more outrageous claims to convince the police to issue a ticket.  The policeman was more interested in revenue than justice.  When and if the policeman watched the video without sound he should have dropped the charges after seeing no mail truck involved in the incident at all.  One major lie is enough to lose a case, especially two witnesses to one impeached witness.  But almost no one acted with honor or integrity while falsely framing the old man, except the partner with the old man during the entire incident, who was ignored repeatedly.  Abuse of power by mailman, cops, and prosecutors is disgraceful.


Police refusal to allow old man to talk to the mailman's supervisor, not paying attention to his story and not revealing the extensive false claims of the rookie mailman to allow a response show the unfairness of the policeman.  Both policepersons and the mailman may be guilty of ageism to the elderly couple and sexism to the old man's partner.  They also thought very little of the older residents, treating them both with disrespect and failure to engage in dialogue about the numerous outlandish charges of the mailman.  Waiting 41 days for the police report with nine major lies in it, more weeks for the call notes, and more weeks for the video, shows the callous disregard for a defendant facing false charges with at least nine big lies in it.  The hard evidence clearly shows the injustice by a variety of youngsters against the baby boomers they often hate and resent. 

Tomorrow is my deceased mom's 99th birthday.  Happy birthday mom!

Another Policing Story:


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