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Folding Buildings --- The Herman Trend Alert March 20, 2019
Joyce L. Gioia, CMC, CSP --  The Herman Group Joyce L. Gioia, CMC, CSP -- The Herman Group
Austin , TX
Wednesday, March 20, 2019


The Herman Trend Alert

March 20, 2019

Folding Buildings

Innovation is not always about highly sophisticated technology, but sometimes it is more about brilliant human ingenuity. That is certainly the case with TEN FOLD and their folding building technology. Imagine a shipping container that can fold out into a building several times its size and fold back again?

Simplicity and Performance

Built on the principle of constant value-engineering, their design team's goal is to streamline and optimize the performance of each component. Value engineering is a systematic and organized approach to providing whatever a project needs at the lowest possible cost. By making most of the components in the TEN FOLD units exchangeable and multi-functional, they are able to reduce the number of parts, increase system efficiency, and best of all, reduce waste.

New Folding Technology

At the touch of a button, FOLD TEN's new technology allows windows and walls to unfold and fold again easily. The company offers a wide variety of units, including fold-out stairs, self-deploying solar panels, portable offices, and even stacking complete unfolding apartments. TEN FOLD levers comprise interconnecting and apposed trapezoids so that the units are strong throughout their transit from closed to open.

Homes of the Future

Some of TEN FOLD's units can also be as residences. These marvelous homes of the future can self-deploy and build themselves in less than 10 minutes, converting from boxes into buildings eight to ten times their original size.

TEN FOLD's Basic Unit

The company calls their default workhorse unit the TF-64. Transported by a standard truck, like most of TEN FOLD's products, the unit is self-unloading and self-deploying and can be ready to use within 10 minutes of arrival. The signature unit is built from a robust steel chassis and composite panels and can be connected to an existing infrastructure or be partially or completely off-grid. The size of a standard high top 9m. (30 ft.) container, the TF-64 opens to provide about 64m2 (688ft2) of uninterrupted space. When closed the unit can carry up to sufficient furnishings and equipment including internal walls, bathrooms, kitchens, and basic furniture. Internal walls are flexible and allow different configurations and it is compatible with additional support modules like power units, water processing, and water storage. Other cassette mounted devices like stairs, balconies, and canopies may be attached to the sides of the unit.

What folding buildings mean for humanity 

Many people can benefit from the agility and flexibility of this technology. TEN FOLD invites manufactures and distributors to embrace, license, and commercialize its technology.

Special thanks to Eric Berman for bringing this innovation to our attention. For more information, visit TEN FOLD's website.

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