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Federal Prison Sentence Reductions RDAP Early Releases
RDAP Program Sentence Reductions RDAP Program Sentence Reductions
Los Angeles , CA
Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Dateline: Los Angeles, CA

May 16, 2017

Federal Prison Early Release Program

Defendants being sent to Federal prison now have an option to take advantage of a Federal Prison Early Release program called RDAP being offered by the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

RDAP also known as the Residential Drug Abuse Program, is available at federal prisons throughout the U.S. and will enable inmates who are U.S. Citizens and have a verifiable substance abuse issue at least 1 year prior to being arrested for their crime, to qualify for up to a 12 month early release from federal prison. 


Eligibility for the RDAP program is determined by the prison's psychology staff, and requires inmates have a documented narcotic drug, prescription drug, or alcohol abuse issue listed in their "PSI-PSR" Pre Sentence Report, that was prepared prior to the inmate's sentencing.

In the event you are entering federal custody, and failed to inform Pre-Trial Services of your substance abuse issues, Wall Street Prison Consultants  (855-5-PRISON) can have you evaluated by a licensed professional who will prepare a chemical dependency assessment on you that meets the criteria that the BOP uses to admit defendants/inmates into the RDAP Program.


Inmates with violent or sexual-abuse crimes are ineligible for any time off. Those with felony or misdemeanor convictions of robbery, rape, assault or child sexual-abuse and domestic violence, along with use of a firearm or weapon. Other disqualifications can include pending state charges, warrants or detainers; INS-ICE detainers, and military or state inmates.

For more information on taking advantage of the RDAP Program contact Larry Levine at Wall Street Prison Consultants at 855-577-4766 for a complete explanation of the RDAP program.

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