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Ethics Hero: Artist Shepard Fairey
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Tuesday, December 18, 2018


Wait a minute…doesn’t Ava look a bit like Tojo?

I’m so tempted to post this story as a late response to my virtue-signaling Facebook friend who fatuously argued that political correctness was just about “not being an asshole.” this is, of course, another example of partisans using denial to avoid facing inconvenient facts.

Because some delicate flowers complained that the mural above, by artist Beau Stanton, offended them and made them feel unsafe because the rays emanating from the head—of actress Ava Gardner, for God’s sake— reminded them of the Japanese imperial battle flag, the L.A. school district agreed to paint over it. The mural is located at the Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools in Koreatown, which is part of the Los Angeles Unified School District. Koreans have not forgiven Japan for its atrocities during World War II, which is understandable. Projecting that on a mural portraying Ava Garder is not.

The school district’s senior regional administrator, Roberto Martinez, compared the Stanton mural to Confederate statues and argues that the value of the art doesn’t outweigh the “offense” to people. Pssst…Facebook friend! He’s the asshole! He’s also too dumb and biased to be a trustworthy educator!

Now artist Shepard Fairey, who painted THIS mural…

…that the students and school love  (it only offends me, since Bobby Kennedy was a con artist, a ruthless pol, and was nothing like his carefully airbrushed image, plus murals like that remind me of Red China and the Soviet Union) has said that if the other mural comes down, so will his. “I’m proud of that mural,." Fairey said of his  work. “I’d love for that mural to stay, but this is the only leverage I have.." The RFK mural is one of the school’s most prominent features, covering an outside wall of the entrance to the library, which is built on the space once occupied by  the Ambassador Hotel ballroom where, in 1968,  RFK gave his last speech, and where he was assassinated shortly thereafter.

Fairey says he is taking a stand against organizations capitulating to extremists by taking the path of least resistance. In  an email he sent to school board President Monica Garcia, he wrote,

“I have talked to a teacher from RFK about where the students stand, and they overwhelmingly want the mural to stay. If Beau’s mural is removed I will reach out to students to have them take part in my mural being painted over as a symbol of the sacrifices that are sometimes necessary to stand up for important principles.."


 Maxwell Kennedy, an attorney and author who is one of RFK’s sons, supported Fairey.

“We are aware of the power of symbols and we stand with Shepard Fairey and Beau Stanton against the … censorship of public art,." Kennedy said “Symbols can be hurtful and there are some symbols that should not be displayed. But rays of light are synonymous in this country with hope.."


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Facts: Herald Mail Media

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