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Epigenetic Therapist Trink reveals how our “perception” impacts the expression of our DNA and the quality of our well-being.
Steven Mana Trink Author, Artist & Sage Steven Mana Trink Author, Artist & Sage
Honolulu, HI
Friday, February 5, 2021

Steven Mana Trink

Steven Mana Trink, a frequent guest on the Frankie Boyer Health Radio Show explains in his newly published book "Navigating The Winds Of Change"; A Spiritual Guide To Embracing A Loving Life, by Balboa Press, that our perception has a potent influence on how we see reality and the way we experience life. It is a major factor that influences our DNA expression and calls for a complete re-evaluation of life.

In Navigating The Winds Of Change, Steven Mana Trink brings insight to the question that changes everything: If reality is a fixed factor in the equation of life and each of us perceives the world through their own eyes (reality changes from person to person) than how do we know what is the illusion and what is real.... In which direction do we turn while navigating the mountain and valleys of life's challenges? 

The Science of Epigenetics strongly upholds the belief that our world of perception is unreal, always changing and based on interpretation and perception.  It is in this land of illusion that we judge and view ourselves in relationship to our experiences. Navigating The Winds Of Change acts as a roadmap that guides us, pointing to the way, steering past obstacles, and taking us on a course that is well-lit with Truth and Wisdom. 

This all-embracing book definitely changes your awareness in your quest for a life founded in love.  It provides a rare entry into the human condition. Trink points out that when we become aware of a direction that we can take that leads to enhancing the quality of our lives, the only excuse to avoid that road is the relationship we have with our love of self. 

 "Navigating The Winds of Change" is full of insights, knowledge and wisdom based on Trinks'  encounters with life.  It will illuminate your mind and open your heart to new levels of understanding, compassion, and unconditional love for yourself and all of humanity.

Watch short video of Steven Mana Trink discussing his new book;


Listen to Steven Mana Trink's Interview on the Frankie Boyer Radio Show: https://stevenmanatrink.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/frankieboyerbothsegments.mp3

Website: stevenmanatrink.com 

Phone:   (310) 387-9233 

Email:      stevenmanatrink@gmail.com

About The Author, Artist and Sage

Steven Mana Trink is a visionary in the field of personal transformation. He was inspired by the groundbreaking discoveries of Bruce Lipton Ph.D., a leading authority on how our perception influences genetic expression. Throughout the past 27 years Trink was at service as a Master Hypnotherapist, Epigenetic Therapist, Educator, Published Author, Abstract Artist, Natural Mentor and Spiritual Teacher. He helps empower us to perceive a greater awareness to the purpose of life, to flourish at our highest potential and to experience living a new and fulfilling reality.  Mana guides us in lifting the veil, uncovering our inherent wisdom and embracing the presence of the love that always resides within.

Steven Mana Trink appears along with Deepak Chopra, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Michael Beckwith, Master Zhi Gang Sha, Barbara De Angelis and Jean Houston in Sharon Stones’ transformative and inspiring documentary “The Cure”, a worldwide journey into healing the mind, body and planet.





Website: stevenmanatrink.com
Phone:   (310) 387-9233
Email:    stevenmanatrink@gmail.com


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