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Discover Your Painting’s Stories: How UV Blacklight Unveils Hidden Imperfections for Art Lovers in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Orange County, and Las Vegas
Scott M. Haskins -- Art Conservation-Restoration, Pets and Heirlooms, Art Damage Scott M. Haskins -- Art Conservation-Restoration, Pets and Heirlooms, Art Damage
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Santa Barbara, CA
Tuesday, July 2, 2024


Can UV blacklight help protect your cherished artworks?

image of a UV Blacklight

Here’s an example of the type of UV Blacklight that art conservators often use to evaluate acrylic and oil paintings as well as other artworks

Absolutely! For art enthusiasts and collectors in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Orange County, and Las Vegas, doing an art evaluation and understanding the hidden layers and condition of your paintings is not just about conservation—it’s about connecting more deeply with the art you love. A UV blacklight can help you to know what’s going on with your artworks whether you’d like to get these hidden imperfections restored or whether you’d like to leave them untouched. UV blacklight reveals what’s hidden from the naked eye, ensuring that you know the condition of your artwork as it continues to tell its story beautifully and authentically.

Why Every Art Owner Needs a UV Blacklight to do Art Evaluation

Incorporating UV blacklight into your art care routine isn’t just for professionals. It’s a valuable tool for anyone passionate about preserving the beauty and integrity of their art collections. Whether you’re evaluating a potential new acquisition or occasionally checking the condition of a family heirloom, UV blacklight can reveal any previous restorations or hidden damages.

UV Light and Night Scenes: A Closer Look

image of a painting under UV light, inpainting glows brightly

New inpainting/retouchings show up bright with a UV black light

Imagine discovering more about a beloved night scene painting in your collection. A recent painting from Santa Barbara involved a night landscape that, under UV blacklight, showed a fascinating history of careful restorations. This ghostly glow, often misinterpreted as damage to the untrained eye, actually highlights the meticulous care is taken by art conservators to maintain the painting over decades—this story of preservation adds depth to the owner’s appreciation of the piece.

How UV Blacklight Reveals a Painting’s History During Art Evaluation

image of a portrait with missing areas on the left and inpainted missing areas on the right

Before and After Inpainting, Showing The Difference.

For those of you in Santa Barbara to Orange County and beyond who cherish every brushstroke and color in your paintings, UV blacklight can be your ally in uncovering the truth. It shows clearly where touch-ups have been made, allowing you to understand and appreciate the narrative of preservation behind each of your artworks. In this photo above, for example, the areas of inpainting over the white plaster would glow brightly under UV light. This knowledge empowers you as a collector, helping you make informed decisions with an art conservation professional about caring for and displaying your artwork.

Ensuring Excellence in Art Conservation and Art Evaluation

female art conservator carefully inpainting missing sections of an oil painting

FACL, Inc. art conservator carefully inpaints a section of this history painting done in oil paint

FACL, Inc. provides art conservation, evaluation, and more services in the Western part of the United States – from Santa Barbara County, Los Angeles, and Orange Counties, all the way to Salt Lake City, UT. We ensure that each artwork is preserved and restored to the highest standards set by organizations such as the AIC. Our work with this centuries-old painting pictured above demonstrated how UV blacklight could confirm the integrity of even the most delicate conservation efforts. It informed us where previous restoration efforts, such as inpainting, were located on the painting. This allowed us to tailor our treatments to take into account both the original materials as well as the art-conservation-grade pigments used for previous inpainting treatments. 

Fine Art Conservation Laboratories, Inc.’s Commitment to Art Conservation

At Fine Art Conservation Laboratories, we believe that every piece of art in your home deserves to be loved and preserved with the highest care. We, as art conservation professionals, use a UV blacklight as part of our commitment to providing you, the art collectors and lovers in **Santa Barbara**, **Los Angeles**, **Orange County**, **Las Vegas**, and beyond, with the best possible service, including artwork condition evaluation.

A Personal Note from Scott M. Haskins

image of a mature white man standing next to a middle aged white woman as they reference a large painting splayed out on a table in front of them. They are FACL art conservators.

FACL Art Conservators Scott and Virginia in the lab

“Over my decades of work in art conservation, I’ve seen how UV blacklight inspection has evolved from a niche technique to an essential tool in art preservation and painting evaluation. This tool allows us to peek into the past of each artwork, revealing stories of craftsmanship and care that are often left untold. These stories enrich your experience as a collector, can add cultural and even monetary value to your artwork, and deepen your connection to your art.”

Insurance Claim Guidance

Fine Art Conservation Laboratories’ 45 years of expertise in preserving and restoring art offers invaluable help and practical knowledge for helping people through the insurance claim process for damaged collectibles and art pieces. Our experienced team understands the complexities of insurance claims related to art, heirlooms, and antiques, providing reports that are properly prepared with information that the insurance company never puts in doubt. Fine Art Conservation Laboratories charges flat fees for this work, not a percentage of the claim settlement, and our expertise is honored nationwide. Let us help make the art, heirloom, and collectible part of the insurance claim process as seamless as possible and preserve your peace of mind. 


Embracing UV blacklight inspection is essential for any art lover in **Santa Barbara**, **Los Angeles**, **Orange County**, and **Las Vegas**. It not only ensures the condition of your artworks but also enriches your understanding and appreciation of them. If you’re ready to explore the hidden aspects of your art collection, contact Fine Art Conservation Laboratories, Inc. for a consultation that will change how you view and treasure art forever.

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