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Friday, May 6, 2022


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Digital Underground - Music


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Digital Underground Co-Founder Chopmaster J

Pays Homage To The Late Shock G

on the One-Year Anniversary of His Passing

Drops “Sex Packets II – The Mixtape” and a Free NFT

By DUNxG (DU Next Generation)

   Digital Underground co-founderand drummer, Jimi “Chopmaster J” Dright, is paying tribute tohis former bandmate and D.U. co-founder, Gregory Edward Jacobs, betterknown worldwide asShock G aka Humpty Hump, on the one-year anniversaryof his passing, April 22.  DUNxG (DU Next Generation),spearheaded by Dright’s son, composer/producer/emcee, SOTU (Son Of TheUnderground) are releasing a mixtape entitled “Sex Packets II – TheMixtape” as an homage to the innovative 1990 original debutalbum “Sex Packets.”  The free downloadable mixtape, aswell as a free limited NFT for the first 2000 who sign up to be down with theUnderground, are available at Dunxgmusic.com
Digital Underground D.U.N. x G "Step Up"

“Sex Packets,” thedebut studio album of the hip hop/pop sensation Digital Underground, wasoriginally released in 1990. In 1998, the album was selected as one of TheSource Magazine’s “100 Best Rap Albums Ever.”  “Sex Packets II-The Mixtape” pays homage to the 32-year-old classic with whimsicalrenditions as well as new sex-laced, funk-filled, cosmically tingedofferings. 


“Iwas concerned with not seeing Shock properly celebrated andacknowledged so we wanted to do our part. He was a brilliant musical geniusthat I shared creative space with,” cites Chopmaster J.  “Itstill blows my mind that it’s been 32 years since we envisioned a classicthat was nominated for both the Grammy and American Music Awards. The NextGeneration of D.U. puts a new spin on our old classic that does notdisappoint. The new iteration of D.U. is a departure from any D.U. line-upof the past with new bandmate MEGA, but there’s also acameo by D.U. alumni, Money B. As our most legendary bandmember Tupac always said, ‘you either evolve or becomeirrelevant’ and evolution is our only quest.


     “Not many newartists get to launch their careers in the footsteps of legacy,” adds SOTU.“I’ve got D.U. in my DNA! While ‘Sex Packets II - The Mixtape’ sets it offfor DUNxG, we are dropping our debut album, "EVOLUTION" onJune 10th. The single "MOVE" from that project,is out now on all streaming platforms. The D.U. lives! 


“Sex Packets II – The Mixtape” is the first ofmany releases from the Chopmaster J Legacy Series whichincludes a body of work featuring such acts as Dave Hollister and GeorgeClinton to name a few.

Listen to the “Sex Packets II -The Mixtape”at: https://soundcloud.com/dunextgeneration/sets/sex-packets-ii?utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing

 Watch the music video for “Step Up,” DUNxG's new spin on an old classic off theirtribute mixtape "Sex Packets II – The Mixtape" at  https://youtu.be/B6rY5Jw4Ua4.

Download the free “SexPackets II – The Mixtape” and receive a free NFT at https://www.dunxgmusic.com .




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