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Creative Flow Challenge
Gregg Fraley -- Best Creativity Consultant Gregg Fraley -- Best Creativity Consultant
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Chicago, IL
Wednesday, December 9, 2020


18 Day Challenge Builds Creativity

Create An Amazing 2021

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The Creative Flow Challenge is an 18 day adventure in personal self-expression. The benefits of better access to your creativity AND a consistent creative effectiveness are achievable. You’ll create daily, inspired by prompts to get you into flow. Don’t wait for lightning to strike. Join the challenge. Learn how to light your own candle.
The challenge starts December 14th and goes through December 31. It requires at least a half hour of daily creative work. Every Day during the challenge. Register now.
Participants receive an electronic copy of “Jack’s Notebook” Gregg Fraley’s book on creative problem solving

Benefits of the Creative Flow Challenge

  • Strengthen your belief in, and access to, your creative power
  • Gain fluidity in generating better ideas
  • Get perspective shifts faster
  • Learn methods, tools and techniques that get creative flow going even under pressure
  • Establish habits & practices for long term creative effectiveness
  • Free electronic copy of Jack’s Notebook
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The Creative Flow Challenge Features:

  • A Zoom group Kick-Off to explain how it works and get you started
  • Daily creative challenge activities to stretch your brain, sent via email
    • 18 days in a row
    • Includes an activity everyone does
    • Focuses you on your creative work
  • Usage of a Creative Notebook
  • Access to one on one coaching to get you through blocks
  • Weekly Zoom group accountability meetings and a Closing session

Who Should Participate? You Should If…

  • You want to increase access to your innate creative talent
  • You believe you are Not Creative, or of limited creative talent
  • You know you’re creative but can’t get into flow or regular practice
  • People in creative jobs who want to take it up a notch
  • Writers, painters, artists, who want to build the habit of working daily
  • Those in “non-creative jobs” who want to exercise the muscle
  • You want to break out of a mental rut

What Activities Are Done in the Challenge?

  • Creative Idea Note-booking
  • Mind-Mapping
  • Drawing (even if you can’t draw)
  • Musical prompts and inspiration
  • Practice Observation and Listening skills
  • Creative Excursions
  • Movement exercises
  • Improv
  • Journaling
  • Storytelling
  • Structured Creative Problem Solving methods

Your Investment:

  • Sign-up for the program — $75
  • Supplies required: (approx. $30)
    • An oversized unlined notebook or sketchbook (9 by 12)
    • A Newsprint pad of paper (24 by 36 or larger)
    • Colored pencils, colored markers, oil pastels, charcoal sticks, crayons
    • A mobile phone with a camera
  • A Commitment of Time
    • A half hour a day, or more, of your time, every single day
    • Schedule: Attending four, one-hour, Zoom meetings:
      • Monday, December 14, Zoom Kickoff
      • Monday, December 21, Zoom Check-in
      • Monday, December 28, Zoom Check-in
      • Thursday, December 31, Zoom Closing Celebration

Challenge Flow:

  • Prior to the Challenge
    • You’ll need to acquire supplies
    • You’ll do a structured assessment of your creativity
  • We’ll start with a Zoom Kick-Off meeting on Day One
  • You’ll do a daily exercise delivered via email that will take at least a half hour. Doing more is fine.
  • The daily routine can include an additional half hour of work on your personal or existing creative project
  • We’ll have a weekly group accountability meeting (See schedule above)
  • Ad Hoc individual Coaching available when needed

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Dateline: Three Oaks, MI United States
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