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Covid Tests --- Lifespan – Guardianship
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Sunday, January 31, 2021


Covid Tests

--- Lifespan

– Guardianship

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Pushing your Life Span Longer

Joyce L. Gioia, CMC, CSP -- The Herman Group

The Healthy Diet for Longevity

A diet with mostly vegetables, fruit, fish, legumes, nuts and seeds, and whole grains is best, according to one of the largest surveys on global dietary habits and longevity ever conducted. For years now, researchers have also believed that a "Mediterranean diet" lowers the risk of developing cardiovascular disease as well as certain cancers. Recent research from Harvard University also tells us that diet can extend life by protecting our telomeres, microscopic threads on the ends of our chromosomes, from fraying. Tattered telomeres have been connected to problems with cell division and reduced life spans. Not surprisingly, longer telomeres have been associated with longer lives. Moreover, drinking two cups of coffee daily and the moderate consumption of alcohol may be a contributing factor to people living to ages of 90 and more.

Joyce Gioia, Austin, TX




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A look at COVID-19 testing

Michael D. Shaw -- Expert in Health Care and Environmental Affairs

This HND piece spotlights the serious accusations against the current PCR-based COVID-19 test. A group of 22 distinguished scientists have demanded that the original paper describing the test be withdrawn. Among other things, they point to a host of major flaws in the methodology, and contend that the paper was not even peer-reviewed. There are also significant conflicts of interest in that a few of the authors are affiliated with a lab that does the testing.

Michael D. Shaw, Reston, VA




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Guardianship: When It's Time to Take Over a Parent's Life

Pamela D. Wilson -- Caregiving Expert, Advocate & Speaker

Guardianship: When It's Time to Take Over a Parent's Life

Adult children caring for parents with dementia or Alzheimer's may throw up their hands when refusals of care happen, and no one else in the family is willing to help. A diagnosis of dementia, Alzheimer's, or other chronic diseases like Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, or cerebral palsy may result in advancing memory loss. A diagnosis of heart disease and diabetes can result in vascular dementia.

Pamela D. Wilson, Golden, CO




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How to Be Brilliant at Innovation

Gregg Fraley -- Best Keynotes on Creativity & Innovation

Most Common Pitfalls in Innovation Initiatives

• No Mandate to Innovate — it can get you fired

• Lack of Training — what you don't know will hurt you

• No Innovation Process, or, Too Much Process — how to strike a balance

• No Talent — it may be hiding in plain sight

• No Team, or, a Dysfunctional Team — only 20% of teams are successful

• No Projects, or Poorly Managed Projects — if you're not doing projects, you're not doing innovation

• No Motivation, Poor Innovation Culture, Lack of Persistence — culture trumps everything else

• Risk Aversion — how to build corporate confidence and learn from failure, while showing concrete results as you go

Greg Fraley, Chicago, IL




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Michigan Doctor and Cancer Strategist Launches Go Fund Me to Help Wayne, Michigan Man with Lung Cancer

Wayne, MI – Ted Kaschuk of Wayne, MI, knows a little bit about bad days. Last year, he was hit with not only lung cancer, but a stroke, an accident, and a pile of bills. All in the middle of a pandemic. Today, he is not only battling for his life, but to keep his apartment and his car.

"Ted's story is one that's close to home for me," says Dr. Mark Roby, an integrative physician who works in Novi, MI. "As a cancer survivor myself, I know all too well the challenges that come with fighting this battle. I suffered near bankruptcy just to pay the medical bills, and I never would have made it through if it weren't for the help of friends. Now, I want to help Ted."

Roby has launched a fundraiser on GoFundMe to help Kaschuk.

For more information, call Mark Roby at 248-318-8775 or

email cancerstrategist@yahoo.com.


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Valentine's Day Printables

Kevin Savetz -- Free Printables

The FreePrintable.net family of websites has hundreds of cute and romantic Valentine's Day printables, each with a free version to download and print.

"There's everything from coloring pages and cards to gift tags and certificates," said Kevin Savetz, the sites' creator. "Site visitors will find Valentine's Day printables to download for school, home and even office settings."

FreePrintableColoringPages.net has free Valentine's Day coloring pages featuring hearts, candy, unicorns and more. There are mazes, games, classroom Valentines and Valentine's Day cards at FreePrintableValentines.net.

Valentine's Day borders can be found at PageBorders.net, while letterhead templates are at FreeLetterheadTemplates.net and flyers are at PrintableFlyerTemplates.net. A Valentine's Day to do list can be found at PrintableToDoList.com.

The Valentine's Day gift tags at FreePrintableGiftTags.net include full-color hearts, kids, flowers, couples and even romantic robots. The gift tags can be used on packages as well as gifts of Valentine's Day treats, or attached to a bouquet of flowers.

There are Valentine recipe cards at FreePrintableRecipeCards.net, Valentine's Day certificates at FreePrintableCertificates.net, Valentine banners at PrintableBanners.net and Valentine fax cover sheets at FreeFaxCoverSheets.net.

"There's a free version of every Valentine's Day printable," Savetz emphasized. "Plus, any of these items can be instantly printed from home, saving people a trip to the store."

There are more than 100 sites in the FreePrintable.net family of free printables sites created by Savetz Publishing, Inc., a company devoted to creating useful and informative web sites of interest to consumers and small businesses.

Kevin Savetz, Portland, OR


707) 400-6360


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