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Colorado Author Explores The Implications of Lost Religious Artifacts in The Last Request
Author U -- Judith Briles Author U -- Judith Briles
Denver , CO
Monday, March 16, 2020

Colorado Author Explores The Implications of Lost Religious Artifacts in The Last Request

Denver, CO. March 16, 2020 – An estimated 100,000 artifacts and objects that were scattered during World War II are being recovered today. Due to the destructiveness of the conflict, however, it's hard to know just how many are still waiting to be found. One of the most well-known artifacts that were recovered was the Shroud of Turin, which is still hotly debated in religious circles as to whether or not the face depicted on it is that of Jesus Christ. But what if the Shroud that's being held in Turin is a forgery? What if it's still waiting to be found? What would happen if it falls into the wrong hands? This thrilling scenario is explored by Katherine Burlake in Amy Prowers's second adventure, The Last Request.

The Last Request is a follow-up to Burlake's first novel, The Bystander, following Amy Prowers as she reels from the untimely and suspicious death of her father in a plane crash. Having to abandon her life and career, she finds herself trying to fulfill his last request to her and is left with words of warning: Be careful who you trust. Her journey takes her from the Balkans to Mexico as she tries to locate the real Shroud of Turin. As a North African leader and former Nazis are also on its trail, it becomes clear this journey will change not only Amy's life, but the fate of Christianity itself.

Burlake incorporates extensive research into World War II for this book, as well as her own experiences working for the Department of State, as she writes the scenes and locations Amy visits as she delves more into her father's past and into the history of the Shroud.

Fans of historical fiction and of spy thrillers are sure to find something to love in Amy Prowers's adventures and Burlake's experiences will find a sense of groundedness and realism that's unmatched by most other authors today.

"I decided that I needed to write a book that everyone could read and everyone could understand," Burlake has stated. "I wanted people to enjoy the story, learn something about the politics and culture, and come out of it having learned something new."

Katherine Burlake has travelled to 130 countries and her experience living in Thailand, Germany, and England led her to working for the Department of State. She uses her experiences in international relations to write thrilling and engaging novels. The Last Request (Meroe Press, First Edition 2017, ISBN 978-0998973432, $17.95) is currently available to buy at Barnes & Noble, and Amazon in hardback, trade paperback, and ebook.

Additional information on Katherine, her blog, chapters for her book, and short stories, go to www.KatherineBurlake.com


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