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Cancel Culture – Lead up to the G.I. Army – Local Medicare Costs
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Sunday, July 12, 2020


Cancel Culture – Lead up to the G.I. Army – Local Medicare Costs


1) Five Ways to Conquer the Cancel Culture -- Dr. Michael Brown

Speak louder. The concept is simple. The more people try to silence you, the louder you speak. The more they try to shut you up, the louder you shout. The more doors they shut in your face, the more you open. You use the attempts to silence you as the platform on which you stand,

Learn the principle of losing your life to save your life. This is something Jesus spoke of frequently, saying, "For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it" (Matthew 16:25).

We expose the folly of the cancel culture. Winston Churchill once said, "Each one hopes that if he feeds the crocodile enough, the crocodile will eat him last. All of them hope that the storm will pass before their turn comes to be devoured." (This became, "An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile—hoping it will eat him last.")

We learn to forgive from the heart. The NFL's Desean Jackson recently made a horrible mistake, posting the alleged words of Hitler in a plainly antisemitic comment. This is inexcusable under any circumstance.

We make room for differing opinions. Another Pauline principle is this: "Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good" (Romans 12:21).

Name: Jerry McGlothlin

Dateline: Charlotte, NC United States

Direct Phone: 919-437-0001




2) The Rise of The G.I. Army: 1940-1941 The Forgotten Story of How America Forged A Powerful Army Before Pearl Harbor -- Paul Dickson

Most people would say, if asked, that the United States entered World War II right after the attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941. While we did immediately declare war on Japan and Germany, planning for that eventuality had begun two years earlier, when the U.S. Army had shrunk to 189,000 men, not enough to defend our own shores much less fight across oceans. Paul Dickson's THE RISE OF THE G.I. ARMY, 1940-1941: The Forgotten Story of How America Forged a Powerful Army Before Pearl Harbor (Atlantic Monthly Press; July 7, 2020; ISBN: 978-0-8021-4767-7; $30 hardcover) chronicles how, in merely two years, the Army was transformed from scattered, ragtag units into a powerful, disciplined fighting force capable of taking on Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. Dickson recreates the pivotal moments in this dramatic mobilization, including:

• Franklin D. Roosevelt appointing George C. Marshall: FDR received a call at 2:50 am on September 1, 1939 that Germany had invaded Poland. Later that morning, he formally appointed General George C. Marshall as Army Chief of Staff over otherwise obvious candidates. But Marshall was the perfect choice. He had served on the Western Front in Europe during World War I and later became assistant commandant at the Army Infantry School and had served as deputy chief of staff in Washington since 1938. He had already seen the deadly consequences of an unprepared military; he had learned that a short, quickly dispatched order was better than a long, late one. It was clear to him that the U.S. would be forced to enter the war eventually. He insisted that FDR address him as "General" and let the president know that he wasn't going to prioritize demands from senior officers. The men in the field came first.

• The 1940 peace-time draft: Before the draft, the Regular Army could fit inside Yankee Stadium—evidence of its dramatic diminution since the end of World War I. The idea of a peace-time draft was so controversial that FDR avoided the word altogether and called it a "muster." But, with newspapers bringing word of devastation in Europe, the tide of opinion quickly changed. College students and celebrities alike signed up without a violent incident. On October 29, 1940 at a ceremony in D.C., secretary of War Henry Stimson, blindfolded, drew number 158 from a fishbowl thus summoning the first wave of conscripts. Within a year, one million men were in uniform. These Depression-era boys could read road maps and knew their way around an engine; they were a new kind of solider and created a G.I. culture that would unite men from all walks of life.

• Unprecedented military maneuvers: Three realistic "war games" were staged in 1941 in Tennessee, Louisiana, and the Carolinas that changed U.S. battle tactics forever. Discipline and speed translated into armored cavalry units that would later lead the US to victory in North Africa and Europe. Paratroopers were used for the first time, along with novel equipment such as the walkie-talkie and the Jeep. Iconic leaders like Eisenhower, Patton, and Bradley did battle amidst Hollywood-esque smoke canisters and flour-firing artillery while loudspeakers blasted recorded sounds of battle. The games—Louisiana especially—were heavily reported at the time and were essential to U.S. success in World War II. This is the first time their story has been fully told.

Paul Dickson

Dateline: Washington, DC United States

Direct Phone: 301-942-5798




3) Medicare Supplement Association Offers Local Reporters Pricing Assistance

-- American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance

The American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance announced an effort to assist local reporters and financial bloggers educating consumers about Medicare planning.

"Medicare pricing can differ significantly based on where you live," explains Jesse Slome, director of the organization. "The lowest rate for a Medigap Plan G policy available in Dallas is $104-monthly for a age 65 male. The cheapest plan for a same age man living in Manhattan would cost $260-monthly."

To help educate more consumers regarding the importance of understanding how to look for Medicare insurance, the Association has initiated a new program. "We will reserach and provide local costs for Medigap plans so that reporters and others can provide the most relevant information," Slome shared. "National averages are truly irrelevant when it comes to Medicare insurance pricing."

The Association recently posted rates for the top metro areas across the United States. "If you live in Cincinnati costs for insurance in Houston are interesting but irrelevant to your planning," Slome explains.

Reporters interested in requesting local rates can call the Association offices at 818-597-3205. Consumers seeking local Medicare insurance costs can utilize the Association's online directory of Medicare insurance agents. By entering a Zip Code you will see agents located close to you. No personal information is required to access the directory's listing.

Jesse Slome is director of the American Association for Critical Illness Insurance. He also directs the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance. Visit their website to get long-term care insurance quotes. To find local Medicare insurance agents visit the American Association for Medicare Supplement website.

Name: Jesse Slome

Title: Executive Director

Group: American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance

Dateline: Westlake Village, CA United States

Direct Phone: 818-597-3227




4) How to Live Like a MILLIONAIRE When You're a Million Short

---- Marilyn Anderson -- How to Live Like a MILLIONAIRE

The economy has never been as crazy as it has in the past few months. So, people are in need of ways to save money or even make money, especially now that cities are opening up again. Now an Amazon bestselling book can help folks whether they're getting out in the world or still staying at home.

How to Live Like a MILLIONAIRE When You're a Million Short is a breezy, information-packed guide that helps people save money while enjoying all kinds of wonderful experiences. The must-have guide tells readers how to SAVE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS every year on entertainment, shopping, fashion, health beauty, home decor and more. It also gives great advice on how to save money or even MAKE MONEY while staying at home.

The book was featured in Forbes and USA Weekly and won an award as the Best Book on Saving Money & Living Well of the Year. It's been the #1 Bestselling Amazon book in three different categories: Budgeting, Consumer Guides, and Personal Finance.

In How to Live Like a MILLIONAIRE When You're a Million Short, author Marilyn Anderson offers all kinds of money-saving tips and useful website links, as well as true-life experiences, illustrating how the she "lives like a millionaire" and how readers can, too.

You'll Find Out How To:

• Go to expensive restaurants for ¼ of the usual price

• Wear a $2000 dress for $50

• Get prescription drugs for less than with insurance

• Get hairstyling at expensive salons for free

• Find money you didn't know you have!

• When travel is allowed again... spend a week at a 4-star resort in Spain for FREE

Plus, tons of other exciting tips to help you save money and have grand experiences at the same time.

Name: Marilyn Anderson

Title: Writer-Producer-Author-Speaker

Group: How to Live Like a MILLIONAIRE When You're a MILLION Short

Direct Phone: 310-502-4047




A Half-Century After Boston's Busing Crisis, A Look Back At A Colorblind Friendship Amid Racial Tensions in 'Neighborhood Lines'

-- Michael Patrick Murphy

Boston, Massachusetts – Profoundly moving, fearless and inspiring, Michael Patrick Murphy's novel "Neighborhood Lines" shines a light on a friendship between two individuals caught up in the effort to desegregate Boston schools in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Nakedly honest and grippingly dramatic, this is the story of the bonds formed by Patrick and Nate, two students from dramatically different Boston neighborhoods. Patrick is white, Irish-Catholic and from South Boston. Nate is an African-American star athlete from the black section of Boston. Both meet in the classrooms of Boston's Cathedral High School and, against all odds, forge a friendship that is lasting and true. The story is a testament to the power of love and solidarity despite the fear and hatred of racial discrimination.

Name: Scott Lorenz

Group: Westwind Communications

Dateline: Plymouth, MI United States

Direct Phone: 734-667-2098




Respected Surgeon Unveils Systemic Tragedies of a Broken U.S. Healthcare System

Dr. Alejandro Badia

Miami, Florida – Dr. Alejandro Badia is no stranger to the flaws and frustrations of the U.S. healthcare system. A leading hand surgeon with a medical degree from NYU, multiple accolades, and decades of experience, Dr. Badia has spent more than a quarter-century in the trenches of U.S. healthcare. His new book Healthcare from the Trenches is an open discussion of the failure of the U.S. healthcare system from the perspectives of its "providers" and patients—perspectives today's healthcare debate sorely lacks.

"People are challenged because of a flawed system," says Dr. Badia. "Staff at insurance companies with no medical training dictate what constitutes reimbursable care. The result is that their interference disrupts the doctor-patient relationship, delays or prevents delivery of care, and presents new obstacles to new approaches that would improve patient outcomes and reduce costs."

Name: Scott Lorenz

Group: Westwind Communications

Dateline: Plymouth, MI United States

Direct Phone: 734-667-2098




7) Recovering One's True Nature in Times of Chaos

--- Roxanne Howe-Murphy, EdD

The highly praised, #1-international bestselling book, Deep Living with the Enneagram, was recently named a 2020 Next Generation Indie Book Awards (NGIBA) finalist in the Mind-Body-Spirit category.

Written for growth-oriented adults at this time of uncertainty, loss and upheaval, the book abundantly reveals emerging possibilities. The purposes of this revised and updated edition are twofold:

to provide ways to build on the reader's innate—though often unrecognized—sources of deep intelligence that serve as internal anchors in meeting the stresses of this unequaled time;

and to enhance the reader's personal level of presence and awareness—thus increasing freedom from compulsions of the habitual self and deepening receptivity to new ways of being—both vital not only to individuals but to the well-being of others and the planet.

In her praise for the book, multiple New York Times best-selling author and teacher, Christiane Northrup, MD, zeroes in on one of the fundamental takeaways: "Learn how to be true to yourself without getting trapped in your personality. That is when deep living and freedom really begin"

Providing a unique perspective on the nature of the personality and its relationship to one's true nature, author Roxanne Howe-Murphy, EdD, introduces the invisible rules of each personality type's specific "ego code" Left uninterrupted, the personality's ego code exacerbates any difficult mental, emotional, behavioral and interpersonal health states, leaving the individual feeling "boxed in"

Drawing upon the sacred psychology of the Enneagram and the power of presence, Howe-Murphy guides the reader to recognize and use practices that focus attention on the integral strengths of the body, the heart and the mind, which in turn support the recovery of one's wholeness. With compassion, wisdom and practical insight, the author helps readers cultivate their innate capacities for living deeply as real human beings, enjoying an intimate and transformed relationship with oneself. Ultimately, this book takes the reader beyond their personality type and into recognition of one's true nature.

NGIBA is a literary awards program that recognizes and honors authors and publishers of exceptional independently published books. Due to COVID-19, an online awards ceremony was held June 28, 2020, to honor acknowledged books and authors.

Name: Mary Neighbour, Author Services

Dateline: Santa Fe, NM United States

Direct Phone: 505-474-6308




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