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Biography for Nobel Prize
Robert Reuschlein, Ed.D., MBA, CPA, BSEE Robert Reuschlein, Ed.D., MBA, CPA, BSEE
Madison , WI
Saturday, January 28, 2017



It's that time of year before the February 1st deadline (midnight Norway time is 5pm Chicago time) for nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize.  Here are 19 press releases that tell the biographical tale of the long evolution of the stunningly precise Peace Economics theory.  The interdisciplinary breadth of my background was all necessary to create this theory.  Any missing components of my Nine Areas of Mastery and this development would not have been possible.  Art and Religion add flavor to the Nine but are not crucial.  That also makes it nearly impossible to find a peer group to judge my work adequately.  I turn to the Norwegian Nobel Committee for judgment of extraordinary work.  To nominate:  http://www.nobelprize.org/nomination/peace/

Nine Masteries

MATH was my first great North Star to follow and lead to all the rest.  Precision and imagination were crucial to using this powerful tool.  I developed three mathematical methodologies before I was taught them in the schools, so I learned how to take discovery to the next logical step.

WARGAMING I loved board games as a child and war games had enough challenge and realism to meet my needs.  Gary Gygax, the inventor of "Dungeons and Dragons" with a biography entitled "Empire of Imagination" became a mentor of imagination to follow and gave me the background to understand the strategic military side of military spending.

SCIENCE Physics provided a parallel universe with accurate pursuit of the scientific method.

ENGINEERING gave me the excellence to apply Math and Physics in the pursuit of working mechanisms.

ACCOUNTING gave me a system to evaluate and organize numbers and the determination to come to an honest result when all else fails.

BUSINESS taught me many tools to organize people to achieve a specific practical purpose.

POLITICS gave me a breadth of vision in the social sciences and the world of people to fill in the holes left over from deep pursuit of the more narrow areas cited above.

PEACE ECONOMICS took six months to produce the long term United States economic model and the first book that brought it all together.

NATURAL GLOBAL WARMING took me three years to comprehend the linkages of the three 54 year cycles of temperature, economics, and wars.  Then another twenty years to find that the 55 year moving average produced three straight lines in the 160 year global temperature record.

The Journey

The following nineteen topics represent the biographical section of my press releases, detailing all the above.  Complete copies of each release are in the link provided here and at the end. https://www.academia.edu/31102462/BIOGRAPHY_for_Nobel_Peace_Prize_2013-2017_23_p


Special Award 9-2-16

This Chicago suburban peace group awards a $1000 top prize for an annual essay contest.  They gave me a special recognition award and five minute speech.  I brought the house down.  

Denmark Hamlet 8-20-16

This meeting of the Engineers for Peace held in Denmark had some interesting events.

CIA Live History 4-16-16

This is meant to take things out of the conspiracy theory label into the life experience I've had with the CIA and peace groups.

Learn in Japan 9-5-15

This trip to Hiroshima to be featured speaker at a conference there was a wonderful experience

Nader Yale Data 5-24-15

Meeting Ralph Nader in person at his conference and later going to a Yale Law conference and back home to UW Madison Big Data group in the Discovery Center there were all amazing.   

Reputation 8-24-14

This contrasts the high reputation I had in Eugene Oregon with the struggles for recognition in my home town of Madison Wisconsin.  West Coast versus Midwest.

Global Citizen 6-28-14

My application for Global Citizen came up short, but was encouraged to try again next year. 

How I Did It 6-21-14

This is the tale of how I pieced together some lesser known work into one spectacular theory.

Wargamer to Dr Peace 5-25-14

This is about the evolution from wargamer to peace activist in the seventies and beyond. 

Nashville 5-24-15

Many would expect conservative part of the country business professors to be hostile to the Peace Economics message, but Empire Economics won a Presentation Excellence Award thanks to their vote.

Politician 5-14-14

This is where I learned my social science, on the streets and coffee shops of Eugene, Oregon.  I left the state on a first name basis with every statewide office holder of either party.  I passed redistricting and venture capital changes in Salem Oregon, and wrote the state application for Delegate Selection to the Democratic National Convention of 1984. 

Doctorate 5-9-14

This took a second try twenty years later to finally get my doctorate.  Finally my work would be taken seriously.

Wargames 4-5-14

This introduced me to Gary Gygax in wargaming from 1964 to 1974.  Gygax later created the "Dungeons and Dragons" role playing craze beginning in 1974. Gary taught me imagination.

PE First Course 3-18-14

This took advantage of the Innovative Education program at the University of Oregon in 1987.  Peace Economics was taught for three straight years going from 2 credits to 3 credits to graduate level credit.

PE First Book 3-14-14

I self published and copyrighted "Peace Economics" in 1986, and it became an overnight sensation in Eugene Oregon.

How PE Starts 3-8-14

This all started with a brochure at a Fellowship of Reconciliation meeting in the famous Dorothy Patch house in Salem Oregon in March 1983.  I was in the second of three Oregon Legislative Sessions at the time.

Grandpa Markham 3-1-14

This shows the roots I came from, with my middle name from my Horicon Marsh grandpa, lawyer, politician, and poet.

Numbers Words 1-30-14

This is the struggle of my life, from math wizard to eventually scientist and written author.

Dr Robert Reuschlein 10-10-13

This was the puffery of my introduction to the ExpertClick world.

Link for text of these releases:


Professor Robert Reuschlein, Dr. Peace

Nominated and vetted for the Nobel Peace Prize 2016 announced October 7



Dr. Robert W. Reuschlein
Real Economy Institute
Madison, WI
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