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Being Ready for Love Key to Finding it, Are You?: Five Steps for Valentine’s Day and Beyond from Dr. Tammi B.
Dr. Tammi B. Dr. Tammi B.
Los Angeles , CA
Saturday, February 13, 2016

Five Steps to Open Yourself to Love by Dr. Tammi B.

Often in life being prepared for a situation that comes your way is half or more than half of the battle.  Having the right knowledge, attitude and experience when a wonderful opportunity drops in your lap can be the difference between success or ignominy.  Hard work and luck are a powerful combination.  For Tammi Baliszewsk, Ph.D., the true love that changed her life came when the emotional and spiritual stars were in alignment, and it has been one of the most fantastic life changing events in her life.  Dr. Tammi, author of Manifesting Love From the Inside Out and Manifesting Prosperity From the Inside Out, has become a Relationship Expert and this gives her the chance to pass on the hard fought wisdom to friends and clients 

Valentine's Day is upon us and love is the air, well hopefully.  Millions of couples seek to reaffirm their connections and millions more go out to social events or set up first dates in order to be doing something on The Day of Love.  Hope rings eternal in mid-February around the world. 

Dr. Tammi didn't come by her title as Relationship Expert without pain and suffering and readily admits making many mistakes on a variety of fronts throughout her life, but now she readily dispense advice in order to help and the five suggestions below for being ready for love get to the heart, so to speak, of the matter. 

Here are five simple steps you can take to open to more love in your life:

1) Set your intentions!  Get clear and claim what it is you really, really want and WRITE IT DOWN. Intention setting is like giving clear direction to the Universe, and writing things down is the greatest predictor for manifestation.  It is also a way to "give roots" in the physical world to our heart's desires.  So if you want more love, you may write something like "I am ready to claim and live a life of great love!"  You may choose to into detail, or you can keep it as short affirmation that you can commit to memory, and repeat to yourself often.

2) Treat others the way you want to be treated.  What we put out, we get back. This is the law of attraction, resonance, karma or the "boomerang effect."  So if you want others to respect you, respect the people in your life.  If you want appreciation and kindness, do things that represent appreciation and kindness.  Are there people you care about that you can send a thoughtful handwritten note to?  Are you open to being someone else's angel and participate in some random acts of kindness?  Small action steps can open the door to huge miracles—and invite more love into your life!

3) Treat yourself the way you want others to treat you.  We attract, and are attracted to people who treat us like we treat ourselves.  So, consider how you want to be treated - and treat yourself that way!  Look in the mirror and say the words you long to hear.  Pay attention to the words you speak to yourself about yourself. And if they are not loving, plug in a "self- love affirmation" and change the channel back to K-LOVE!  

4) Meditate!  It has been said prayer is like talking to God and meditating is like listening to God. We all have the "still small voice of wisdom within" but most people don't allow their minds to get quiet long enough to hear it!  You don't have to be a marathon meditator, just 5—10 minutes in the morning of simply focusing on your breath, opening your heart, and asking your Soul Self or Source to share its wisdom, is enough to open the floodgates to grace, synchronicity, otherworldly guidance, and incredible heart-expanding love!

5) Listen to guided meditations.  Guided meditations are simply meditation with a guide.  They are the most powerful way I know of, to clear old habits of fear, limiting beliefs and dueling intentions, and claim a life of joy, prosperity and great love.  It is a way you can upload new positive content to your subconscious mind, that will serve your conscious mind, and help you manifest the life of your dreams.

Implementing these 5 simple steps can change the course your life is a positive and empowered way!

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About Dr. Tammi Baliszewsk, Ph.D.

Dr. Tammi Baliszewski's holds two Ph.D's. Her background and degrees are in the fields of psychology, spiritual psychology, hypnotherapy, Holistic Life Counseling, and Metaphysical Science. Dr. Tammi is a bestselling author and has written two critically acclaimed books: Manifesting Love From the Inside Out and Manifesting Prosperity From the Inside Out.

She is also the radio host of "Journey to Center" on Empower Radio where she features authors, teachers, healers, experts, and uplifters from all over the world. 

She has enjoyed conscious conversations with Dr. Bernie Siegel, Harville Hendricks, Dr. John Gray, Gary Zukav, Dr. Eben Alexander, Mark Nepo, Julie Cameron, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Sonia Choquette and hundreds of other "modern day luminaries." Her intention is to give people tips, tools, information, techniques, knowledge, and wisdom so they can manifest more inspired, empowered and fulfilling lives.

For more information go to www.tammibphd.com and email Dr. Tammi at tammibphd@gmail.com


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