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Behold! The Clog Monster!
Douglas D. Eymer EYMER BRAND Laboratories & Think Tank Douglas D. Eymer EYMER BRAND Laboratories & Think Tank
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Scituate, MA
Monday, November 22, 2021


Studies show that 98% of materials clogging equipment at wastewater treatment plants are non-flushable items. These culprits include baby wipes, paper towels, feminine hygiene products, cleaning wipes, and other trash not designed to be flushed.

Non-flushable products can wreak havoc on your home and our sewer systems! Have you heard of a Fatberg? A Fatberg is a rocklike mass accumulation of grease, nonbiological waste, and such items as the ones described above. In fact, a 90,000-pound Fatberg (the size of a municipal bus) was recently removed from the London Sewer.

Copywriter and marketing strategist Sally Sisson and The Responsible Flushing Alliance have engaged EYMER BRAND Laboratories + Think Tank to help educate children about the dangers of using a toilet as a trash can.

Downloadable activities for children Pre-K through grade 5 in English and Spanish

The team has created bilingual (English/Spanish) puzzles, maze exercises, coloring pages, word searches, and other paper-based activities for pre-kindergarten children through fifth graders.

The program's star is the villainous and disposable diaper helmeted Clog Monster, who threatens to toss nearly anything and everything into the toilet and down into the sewer!

To learn more about the Responsible Flushing Alliance, follow this link. To download educational activities for the youngsters, please click here!

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