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Australia's Mrs. Claus Podcast Host and America’s Jewish Human Potential Speaker Bring Light into the World
Nina Amir -- Best Transformation Coach Nina Amir -- Best Transformation Coach
Los Gatos, CA
Thursday, February 25, 2010

Once again the United States is about to host the worlds biggest Santa festival. And, like last year, when Melbourne, Australia's Mrs. Claus, Bernadette Dimitrov, a Christmas author, speaker, laughter yoga teacher, 'Secret Santa' and popular podcast host of "Conversations with Mrs. Claus" arrives at the Celebrate Santa Festival in Memphis, TN, some of the Santa's will surely ask her, "Where's Nina Amir?"

Dimitrov and Amir, Conversations with Mrs. Claus' regular holiday and spirituality expert, have made themselves known as the interfaith bringers of light in the podcast world. Although Conversations with Mrs. Claus is Dimitrov's podcast show, once a month for two years the two women have appeared together—a Christmas author and a Jewish author—to talk about how to make all holidays meaningful and spiritual, see Divinity in the world, and adopt a more positive attitude in general so listeners can learn to live their lives more fully and achieve their highest human potential.

Amir, however, is no Mrs. Claus, so she won't be joining Dimitrov on Saturday, March 13, 2010, in Gatlinburg, TN, for four days of celebrations, workshops and a spectacular parade during the Santa convention.

Bernadette is Australia's first ever "Secret Santa." Secret Santa's do acts of kindness and generosity anonymously, and Mrs. Claus on her show encourages others to do the same. She's set to strut her stuff on the catwalk, parade her Aussie flag outfit and her signature outfit called 'Lighten Up' to an audience of thousands during a Mrs. Claus fashion show. Dimitrov says "We all need to be reminded to 'lighten up.' Being too serious has contributed to mental, physical and emotional stress. We need to take Santa's lead and laugh more, because it's good for us and it has now been scientifically proven."

She adds, "We all need to contribute to more light in the world. Christmas is about light, luminosity, and illuminating our consciousness to create joy, peace and love on the planet. Change ourselves and we contribute to changing the world!"

Dimitrov's books, talks and podcast show share tips and tools for people to bring more 'light' into their life and ultimately into the world. She is a passionate advocate for bringing more peace, joy, love and laughter into the world.

Conversations with Mrs. Claus is hosted by Mrs Claus and heard in more than 90 countries and heard in more than 90 countries by over 130,000 people each month on the biggest podcast network in the world, Yaktivate.com's www.TheFamilyYak.com channel. The show features weekly inspirational guests including best-selling authors, celebrities, coaches and Christmas folk sharing insights, tips and tools to live a happier and more joyous life. Guests have included best-selling authors, such as Dr. Gay Hendricks, Ph.D., Matthew Kelly, and Timothy Freke, as well as Emmy Award Winner Peter Buffett, Hollywood medium Dr. Lilian Eden, Ph.D, medical intuitive Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D., International Cancer Foundation founder Dr. Ben Johnson (the only Medical Doctor featured in the international hit movie The Secret), Dr. Marilyn Schlitz PH.D. CEO Institute of Noetic Sciences; Elf Cathy, Executive Director of The Elf Experience, Chancellor of the International University of Santa Claus Timothy Connaghan and Australia's humour pioneer and historian Pete Crofts, founder of the world's only Humourversity (where Dimitrov currently studies) sharing tips on laughter and humour for health and happiness.

Amir, a journalist and the author of The Kabbalah of Conscious Creation and From Empty Practice to Meaning-full and Spirit-full Prayers and Rituals…in Seven Simple Steps!, first appeared as a guest on "Conversations with Ms. Claus" in January 2008 to discuss how to create change rather than simply make New Year's resolutions. Dimitrov asked her to join the podcast once a month to discuss how to make holidays meaningful and spiritual and a variety of other spiritually-related topics. Amir writes and speaks about practical spirituality, human potential and personal growth from a Jewish, as well as a secular, perspective, although her teachings tend to cross religious and spiritual lines. Her emphasis lies in helping all people learn to live their lives more fully by taking more positive approaches to living, which parallels Dimitrov's goal of bringing more light into the world.

For this reason, the two women both feel they are well aligned in terms of their goals and purposes and, therefore, make a good team. Thus, each month they bring together their diverse backgrounds to bridge the Judeo-Christian religious and spiritual worlds and to offer listeners inspirational tools and tips.

Mrs. Claus is passionate about sharing the universal messages related to Santa Claus and Christmas; generosity, love, peace, acceptance, light and luminosity, which she encourages people to spread more of in the world. Dimitrov says "The philosophy of oneness, generosity, kindness, peace and love will save us and the planet."

Dimitrov says, "Our goal is to provide the universal loving Christmas spirit all year long. In particular, the world needs a dose of this spirit now."

Amir adds, "At a time when people feel so much lack, learning to appreciate what they have and to see how giving even a little can actually help them both physically and spiritually is important. Together we want to help our listeners stop focusing on what they don't have or on their fears of what they may not have tomorrow and feel more inspired and able to create positive change in their lives instead."

Dimitrov, aka Mrs. Claus, also answers questions that come in from children and adults all around the world each week. She has appeared on TV, on radio live to millions of listeners, she's appeared in print media and has had her Christmas articles published all over the world.

Amir has appeared on a variety of radio and Internet radio shows and speaks and teaches regularly in a variety of venues. She has written for more than 45 local, national and international publications, her essays have been published in five anthologies and her articles can be found in numerous e-zines and Internet article directories. Additionally, she has authored five booklets and three workbooks.

Mrs Claus is available for interview.

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