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Amish, Immigration, World in 2100 & Toilet Seat Lifts..,
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Washington, DC
Monday, May 10, 2021


Amish, Immigration, World in 2100 & Toilet Seat Lifts..,

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Clearing Up Misinformation on Immigration

Peggy Sands Orchowski -- Immigration Expert

On May 3, my local paper like many in the country, published a series of photographs of hundreds of advocates marching on May 1 in Washington DC for illegal immigration. The accompanying articles were full of misinformation from the event that insinuated that citizenship is a right for any foreign national in the country no matter their legal status. The reporters and editors like the advocates, conflated into one, important differences between immigration statuses established by law. That spins and confuses the immigration issue. Not acknowledging differences is a dereliction of journalism duty.

Peggy Sands Orchowski

Washington, DC




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How, Then, Shall We Live? — What we might learn from the Amish

Thomas H. Greco, Jr. – Economist

I grew up in the 1940s and 50s, a time that I consider to be the Golden Age of prosperity and promise, a time when the middle-class was growing larger and more prosperous and it seemed that things would only continue to get better. It was a time when a family could manage quite nicely, as mine did, on a single modest income. My dad was a "debit agent" for a big mutual insurance company, selling life insurance and collecting the premiums from policy holders within his territory, or "debit." On his modest income he was able to provide us with a nice home, put both my sister and me through college, and allow my mother to remain at home to take care of us kids, keep house, and prepare our meals as middle-class wives typically did in those days.

Thomas H. Greco, Jr. – Economist

Tucson. AZ




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Five Ways the World Will Look Different in 2100

Greg Womack -- Oklahoma Financial Advisor

Estimates suggest there will be 25 million by 2100. Take a guess: electric vehicles, household robots, wild elephants, centenarians, or streaming services per household?

Electric vehicles. There may be far more than 25 million – estimates suggest 145 million – on the road by 2030.

Household robots. Domestic robots that offer companionship or help with tasks like lawn mowing, vacuuming, and mopping are becoming popular. Estimates suggest about 55 million domestic bots will be sold next year

. Wild elephants. From 1989 to 2018, the number of elephants in the wild doubled to 34,000, reported Earth.org.

Streaming services per household. Currently, the average number of streaming services per household is four. There's room for growth, but probably not that much.

Centenarians. The world is in the midst of a longevity revolution and, by 2100, there may be as many as 25 million centenarians – people age 100 or older – around the globe, according to a source cited by Science Direct.

Greg Womack, CFP

Oklahoma City, OK




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Suicide: The Second Pandemic

Patricia Noll


St. Petersburg, FL Wednesday, May 5, 2021 -- Suicide, the second pandemic, reached pandemic levels in our society long before the COVID-19 pandemic. "Of the two pandemics, suicide is more dangerous, says Patricia Noll, Founder of the "Good With Me" Foundation global humanitarian movement, because signs of potential loss of life are not always visible.

Loss of life has led the news headlines for over a year. During that time, widespread isolation, loss of lifestyle, and loss of loved-ones has led to increased loneliness, addiction, fear of what's next, and an overwhelming sense of powerlessness.

Patricia Noll, Good With Me Foundation

St. Petersburg, FL




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What is VUCA?

From Ira S. Wolfe -- Success Performance Solutions

The U.S. military recognized something was different in the early 1990s. While the rest of the world watched the fall of the Berlin Wall, they saw a new world order. It shifted its strategy and even coined a funny-sounding acronym to deal with what they anticipated would be a state of continuous disruption. They called it VUCA. Independently, each word describes an element of change that instills anxiety and agitation. As tempting as it is, you just can't beat around the bush this time.

VUCA is the ultimate challenge leaders (and individuals) face today. While a pandemic, climate change, terrorism, technological disruption all independently loom large, the deeper threat is these four elements of change working collaboratively and synergistically, antagonistically and asynchronously. None of these VUCA elements act in a vacuum and therefore leaders can't focus on complexity and ignore uncertainty or ambiguity.

The convergence of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity should demand a response that ignites passion and instills meaning and purpose, not fear. Executives of all organizations must change their approach toward leadership. Human Resources professionals must revamp people and workforce management. Individuals must retool their career paths and lifestyles.

Ira S Wolfe

Lehigh Valley, PA

Landline: 484-373-4300

Cell: 717-333-8286



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Four Lessons Motherhood and Having Twins Taught Me About Philanthropy

Kris Putnam-Walkerly -- Global Philanthropy Expert

1. Always accept offers of help –

2. Lower your expectations

3. Get your infrastructure in place

4. You can't obsess over everything

\ Kris Putnam-Walkerly

Cleveland, OH 800-598-2102



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Your Age of Discontinuity

Rebecca Morgan - Fulcrum ConsultingWorks, Inc

I wish we would all quit acting like everything was "normal," implying steady and predictable, before Covid. It's like we've all decided to recall "the good old days" the way octogenarians do. What has really happened is that we were comfortable with the types of ongoing constant change, something unexpected happened that impacted all of us around the world, and we act like all the ongoing constant change we now experience is something different.

It's not.

Scientists figured out pretty darned quickly how to prevent billions of us from becoming ill with Covid-19. Manufacturers figured out pretty darned quickly how to make doses of the vaccine available worldwide. Some governments handled distribution well and others, primarily those that minimize Covid as a legitimate threat, did not. Those of us who care to know, know that wearing masks indoors or in groups of unvaccinated people significantly reduces the chances of spreading the disease.

Peter Drucker's book The Age of Discontinuity; Guidelines to Our Changing Society was first published in 1969. While hardly the first major treatise on our changing world

Rebecca Morgan

Cleveland, OH




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There Is a Fourth Pillar Of Retail, and It Is a Big Deal – Crowdfunding

Richard Gottlieb -- Toy Industry Expert

Everybody is probably somewhat familiar with Kickstarter and similar platforms designed to raise money for new projects and products. It is a unique source of funding that has a large number of benefits. Somewhat hidden in plain sight, toys and especially games have utilized crowdfunding platforms in an increasingly successful way. And it shouldn't be ignored.

Crowdfunding is based on the proven concetp that a large number of people, each contributing a little, can create an outsized impact. Kickstarter is currently the leading portal for crowdfunding.

The mission of Kickstarter is to help creative people — artists, musicians, filmmakers, designers, and the like — fund their own creative projects. But arts grants like these are very difficult to secure and are rarely available for smaller sums of money. Kickstarter is revolutionary because it turns average Internet users into patrons of the arts – for a very little financial commitment (source: How things work- David Roos)

Similarly, Kickstarter uses crowdfunding to pay for creative projects by soliciting small donations from the "crowd," the anonymous patrons that visit the site. One vertical market segment that has benefitted from this platform is "board games".

One game publisher we really like, Forbidden Games, is launching a campaign on May 11th for Mosaic: A Story of Civilization. It is a beautifully rendered strategy game, designed with depth but with a play pattern that allows for completion in about two hours. We think that Forbidden Games campaign could raise well over $1 million with over 9000 "notify me" early backers. If you'd like to track the progress or participate, here's the link to their campaign.

The product creators offer backers rewards for different levels of commitment. If you haven't paid much attention to the board game industry, you probably have missed the success stories of the most funded board games in the history of crowdfunding. Here are a few:

Richard Gottlieb

New York, NY 646-675-3019



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Signs That Elders Should Consider An Electric Toilet Lift

Tom Nardone -- PriveCo -- World's Most Private Company

Toilet lifts prevent injuries and keep you safe from trouble when toileting. Here are some signs that it might be time to consider a Dignity Lift brand Toilet Lift.

You use a walker to move around.

You have difficulty squatting low enough to sit on the toilet.

You have difficulty getting up from the couch, dinner table, or any other chair.

You have had or are planning to have knee or hip replacement surgery.

You have ever been close to being "stuck on the toilet"

You installed a taller toilet seat but are suffering from constipation.

You installed a taller toilet seat and your legs fall asleep.

You want to remain living at home, but your legs need a little help in the bathroom.

You would prefer to remain at home instead of moving to a full-time care facility.

Consider the above reasons when deciding to purchase a Dignity Lifts Toilet Lift for your home. Toilet lifts are far more affordable than hiring a full time caregiver or moving to an assisted living facility. They allow you to keep your dignity and independence.

Tom Nardone

Detroit, MI

Cell: 586-214-5964

Landline: 248-457-6874



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