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A spiritual guide that aims to set readers on the path to enlightenment.
Steven Mana Trink Author, Artist & Sage Steven Mana Trink Author, Artist & Sage
Honolulu, HI
Sunday, June 6, 2021

Steven Mana Trink
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                                                                  Navigating the Winds of Change: A Spiritual Guide to Embracing a Loving Lifehttps://www.expertclick.com/0a70887f-fd3c-4378-9efe-ff6f880f9642" style="height:189px; width:114px" />

In his practice of being a spiritual mentor, Steven Mana Trink has been asked by his clients, students and friends over the past years to share his discoveries, wisdoms, knowledge, insights, teachings and experiences in a book that would be available to those who are truly seeking to transcend the limitations of the human mind; and to celebrate their own divinity by embracing a more loving and fulfilling life, one founded in love. It is for this reason that he has written "Navigating The Winds of Change: A Spiritual Guide To Embracing A Loving Life" (published by Balboa Press)



A spiritual guide that aims to set readers on the path to enlightenment.

Sage, artist and debut author Trink offers guidance to those who wish to reach their "fullest potential from the position of heart-centered inner strength." Drawing on his personal experiences, the author maps out a route for a journey to enlightenment. Over the course of 21 chapters/days, he outlines each of his realizations and offers spiritual exercises that are essential for the understanding of the "divine self"; each end with a "Reflection" that serves as a guidepost and daily reminder. Other perspectives that Trink defines as being essential to the understanding of the divine self, range from Preception, Trust and Compassion" to Devotion, Choice and Epigenetics. Trink also includes heartfelt accounts of personal experiences that led him to become a spiritual guide, including the loss of a spouse and a life-threatening illness, which directed him to pursue a life guided by "self-love, wisdom, and divine knowledge."

An earnest offering from a spiritual journeyman.

To contact Mana for speaking engagements, radio, podcast, or TV interviews:

Direct: (310) 387-9233 (HST)

Email stevenmanatrink@gmail.com

Website: stevenmanatrink.com

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About The Author, Artist and Sage

Steven Mana Trink  a visionary in the field of personal transformation. He was inspired by the groundbreaking discoveries of Bruce Lipton Ph.D., a leading authority on how our perception influences genetic expression. Throughout the past 27 years Trink was at service as a Master Hypnotherapist, Epigenetic Therapist, Educator, Published Author, Abstract Artist, Natural Mentor and Spiritual Teacher. He helps empower us to perceive a greater awareness to the purpose of life, to flourish at our highest potential and to experience living a new and fulfilling reality.  Mana guides us in lifting the veil, uncovering our inherent wisdom and embracing the presence of the love that always resides within.

Steven Mana Trink appears along with Deepak Chopra, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Michael Beckwith, Master Zhi Gang Sha, Barbara De Angelis and Jean Houston in Sharon Stones’ transformative and inspiring documentary “The Cure”, a worldwide journey into healing the mind, body and planet.

Website: stevenmanatrink.com
Phone:   (310) 387-9233
Email:    stevenmanatrink@gmail.com

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Name: Steven Mana Trink
Title: Author, Artist & Sage
Dateline: Honolulu, HI United States
Direct Phone: (310) 387-9233
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