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“A Christmas Carol” Inspired “The Keeper of the Keys”
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Thursday, October 3, 2013


 “A Christmas Carol” is the Inspiration Behind “The Keeper of the Keys”

When “The Keeper of the  Keys” Writer/Producer Robin Jay began searching for a way to showcase self-help experts in a fun new film, “A Christmas Carol” provided just the inspiration she needed. Jay said, “This film is a hybrid – a mix of fictional characters interacting with some of the most incredible personal development experts of our time. I wanted these characters to provide the humor, so as not to detract from the experts or their messages. As I sat at my desk, wondering how I could accomplish this goal, I realized the answer was evident in ‘A Christmas Carol.’ My film, ‘The Keeper of the Keys,’ is a new twist on one of our most cherished classics.

How “A Christmas Carol” and “The Keeper of the Keys” are Similar

In “The Keeper of the Keys,” Michael Walden – one of the fictional characters – falls asleep and dreams. It’s during his dream that he encounters experts like Jack Canfield and John Gray, although unlike the Ghosts of Christmas, Jack and John are very real. Michael is led by Elizabeth, a mysterious spiritual guide, who – like the Ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future – is purpose driven; she wants Michael to realize all he has and for him to understand that he has more control over his life than he thinks.

A Christmas Carol is Also a Self-help Film


Sometimes, People Just Need a Little Guidance – Often in the Way of a Spiritual Guide

This highly creative hybrid works beautifully. These two films also share the message that we each hold the key to transforming our own lives. But, while “The Keeper of the Keys” emulates “A Christmas Carol,” that is where the similarity between it and other films stops. Jay says she found most other self-help films “challenging” to get through; she found them “boring… filled for the most part with trite sound bites we’ve all heard before, and they are just too dry – like reading a text book!”
Because of this, she worked to differentiate her film from other self-help movies being produced today by encouraging the experts in her film to offer their deeply personal stories of transformation. “Even though each expert has just a few moments on the screen, the stories they share are incredibly dramatic, inspiring, and compelling. Viewers will love how these stories will resonate with them. The experts and stars dug deep to reveal the challenges that they’ve faced and conquered. Some share stories about events that have had a profound effect on them and how they live their lives today. Each story relates to one of the SEVEN KEYS featured in the film: Appreciation, Harmony, Passion, Courage, Faith, Vibration, and Empathy. Understanding these keys and discovering how to embrace them and put them to use in your life is what makes this film so transformational.” Jay added, “Everyone who has seen this movie has loved it. They come away moved … inspired … and quite literally transformed! It’s an incredibly EMPOWERING film.”
“The Keeper of the Keys” is available for streaming or download directly from this site, as well as on iTunes. DVDs are also available on this site and on Amazon.com. Jay is currently in development on her new film, “The Secrets of the Keys,” which will be a thrilling and fun prequel that will share with viewers how the character of Elizabeth came to be a spiritual guide. The star-studded cast of self-help experts are ready once again to inspire and transform.
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