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7 Reasons You Just Might Want To Get Cash* Printed For Your Business!
Georgetown Cash™-- Alternative Currency Georgetown Cash™-- Alternative Currency
Georgetown, DC
Monday, May 17, 2021

7 Reasons You Just Might Want To Get Cash* Printed For Your Business!
7 Reasons You Just Might Want To
Get Cash* Printed For Your Business!
1) GeorgetownCash™ is designed to be worth more than a US dollar.  It is convertible promissory note.  First, worth $1 US at the issuing business, then convertible to a 10% discount from the merchant.  
GeorgetownCash™  is designed to displace US currency.
2) Merchants can give GeorgetownCash™ promissory notes to their favorite customers with a loyalty program where they earn a $1 promissory note for each $10 US dollars they spend, then they can spend on their next visit. Having your banknotes in a customer's pocket is a great way to motivate them to come back.  They can be distributed in promotions. Even handed out the street to create immediate visitors to the business – suitable for restaurants seeking to fill empty tables.
3) Promissory notes are legal instruments and have staying power.  See promissory notes at Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Promissory_note   The dismal experience of "Community Currency" is to be avoided -- here's a link to a CNN story about 11 community currencies from 2006  at www.FYI.org.  …and here's what Wikipedia says about local currency: https://tinyurl.com/Wikipedia-US-Local-Cash  Many community currencies have failed. 
4) GeorgetownCash™ promissory banknotes are issued by the merchant, as unique banknotes backed by that merchant, and the merchant is responsible for only the banknotes they issue.  GeorgetownCash™ expires at the end of the year, leaving no encumbrance that Gift Cards or Gift Certificates have. 
5) People collect currency as souvenirs and they may come to your business for the sole purpose of buying your promissory notes. They will give you real US cash for it!  They will trade & save the notes, and many will never be redeemed.  Merchants benefit from the aftermarket they create.
6) Unlike barter companies -- there are no fees make a trade, buy or sell! 
7) Merchants set the regulations for their promissory notes.   They can accept notes issued by other businesses or have a closed circle where they only accept the notes they've distributed. 
Updated: May 17-A, 2021                                           Questions?  Call Mitchell. P. Davis at (202) 333-5000.
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Dateline: Georgetown, DC United States
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