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2018 Ethics Retrospective Poll #2 and #3: “Unethical Profession Of The Year” And “Incompetent Elected Official”
Jack Marshall -- ProEthics, Ltd. Jack Marshall -- ProEthics, Ltd.
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Tuesday, January 01, 2019


The effort to prompt some input into the 2018 Ethics Alarms Awards will obviously continue for another day or two, as my promise to “be posting these periodically during the day and evening” was foiled by intervening priorities yesterday.  There are two polls this time (here was the first, still open), and again, please don’t hesitate to expand on your votes.

Nominations for “Unethical Profession Of The Year”

Once, there was never any question about the “winner” of this  category: it was inevitably educators or, more often, journalists. One of the horrible consequences the 2016 Post Election Ethics Train Wreck, however, is that almost all the professions dived into the muck, sought headlines by making the kind of biased and irresponsible statements that society depends on professionals to eschew, and they have continued their self-debasement ever since. While journalists and educators—in this I include all academics as well as teachers and administrators, have still disgraced themselves beyond debate—they have real competition now. Each profession nominated will be linked to a representative Ethics Alarms post. The nominees are…

Nominations for “Most Incompetent Elected Official”

This is an official Ethics Alarms category, so the nominees are easy to identify. Not all of the honored this past year made the cut. Click on the links if you don’t recall why they are here, or just peruse the category. Generally an elected official makes this list by showing that he or she doesn’t understand the Constitution or demonstrating ignorance or stupidity incompatible with civic leadership.

One more point: this is the kind of exercise that gets me branded as a partisan. There are five Democrats below, and you know, I could have justifiably included 20 more. If I somehow missed a Republican who has no idea what impeachment is, or who advocated mobs harassing White House officials in restaurants, or who expressed a desire to eliminate the freedom of speech, or who stated that political views justified the removal of the presumption of innocence, or who decided that responsible metropolitan management consisted of letting rioters run amuck, by all means let me know about them. I can’t help it if the Democratic Party is engaged in the process of rejecting Democracy.

The nominees…

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