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Shoplet Launches its Care. Share. Grow. Campaign: With Each Social Media 'Share,' Shoplet Plants a Tree
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Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Shoplet Launches its Care. Share. Grow. Campaign: With Each Click of a Social Media "Share" Button, Shoplet Plants a Tree With Trees for the Future

With an Aggressive and Exciting Social Media Campaign, the Number One E-Retailer of Business Products Intends to Plant One Million Trees

New York, NY, June 24, 2014 - Shoplet, the business product industry's online retail authority and champion of small to medium sized businesses, announced the official launch of its Care. Share. Grow. social media campaign. Shoplet's social approach aims to raise awareness about everyone's capacity to make a positive environmental impact.

The methodology fueling Care. Share. Grow is simple. Visitors to Shoplet's site can "Share" a dynamic graphic image across their personal Facebook and/or Twitter account[s]. Each time a visitor "Shares" the image, Shoplet plants a tree through Trees for the Future. With Care. Share. Grow., Shoplet intends to plant one million trees.

Care. Share. Grow. freshly demonstrates how Shoplet's green values extend well beyond the scope of customer transactions. With a simple social media "Share," anyone, Shoplet customer or not, can plant a tree. "Healing the environment is not exclusive to Shoplet customers. It's a pressing, time-dependent global responsibility," Tony Ellison, Shoplet's CEO and founder comments. The Shoplet team believes that the loquacious nature of platforms like Facebook and Twitter will rapidly inform the word about Care. Share. Grow., propelling Shoplet towards its ultimate goal of planting one million trees. 

To ensure transparency among those who choose to participate in Care. Share. Grow., Shoplet vows to promote and publicize each donation milestone achieved through its own social media platforms and website. "This is not an empty campaign where we pledge a donation, but fail to deliver. "Our trusted partnership with Trees for the Future is legitimate. We not only intend to plant one million trees," Ellison continues, "but also promise to unabashedly communicate our progress."

The Shoplet team is enthusiastic about and fully confident in its newly sealed partnership with Trees for the Future. Equipped with twenty-five year history of planting trees and educating underprivileged farmers, Trees for the Future has proven its dedication to making the world a greener place to live in.  

Shoplet's Care. Share. Grow. campaign stands as a testament to just how much we can achieve together. With the effortless click of a "Share" button, everyone can proclaim their capacity to turn the vision of a sustainable future into a present-day reality.  "You click 'Share,' we plant a tree," Ellison declares, "It's that simple."

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Join CARE. SHARE. GROW. To Plant 1M Trees

Leslie Scharf
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