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Small Hospitals Need Love Too
Michael D. Shaw -- Expert in Health Care and Environmental Affairs Michael D. Shaw -- Expert in Health Care and Environmental Affairs
Reston , VA
Monday, August 09, 2010

Interscan Corporation Makes Sure That All Of Its Customers Get Great Service.

Interscan is a leading manufacturer of toxic gas detection instrumentation, and its products are used extensively in the health care industry. In hospitals, a major application is monitoring the air for leaks of potentially dangerous sterilants, such as ethylene oxide and hydrogen peroxide. Any hospital that uses these compounds can have leaks—regardless of the size of the facility.

Yet, it is no secret that larger medical centers grab more attention from suppliers. Worse, smaller hospitals can be ignored altogether, and in a technical field like gas detection, that can be a big problem.

One of Interscan's top sales and service reps—Bob MacKeil of MedBrokers—relates a recent incident.

"I was on one of my service runs, and was finishing up at a well-regarded, but smallish (around 200 beds) hospital in Pennsylvania. Out of the blue, a supervisor came up and thanked me for the reliable, personalized service—implying that they did not always receive it from their suppliers. "

"Completely unrehearsed, I replied that Interscan treats 200-bed facilities no different from how we handle 600-bed and larger medical centers. On the drive back to my office, I kind of laughed to myself and realized that I may have come up with a slogan. "

Grant McClure, Interscan's director of special projects added these thoughts: "It's more than a slogan. All of our customers deserve excellent service. Toxic gas detection is serious business, and technical issues arise all the time. Some of our competitors might focus on the bigger hospitals, but the leaks can occur in any facility. We are pleased that Bob received the compliment, and can report similar testimonials, from customers of all sizes. "

Michael D. Shaw
Executive VP/Director of Marketing
Interscan Corporation
Reston, VA