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The Influencing Coach, Libby Wagner Announces New Customer Service Workshop

The Influencing Coach, Libby Wagner- President, Professional Leadership Results, Inc.
Customer Service: Beyond the Basics

Have you already benefitted from Influencing Skills, Confrontation without Conflict and Managing for High Performance? Influencing Options has expanded its catalog of workshops to include new one day classes. One of these new workshops is all about Customer Service.

At Influencing Options, we know the value of the customer relationship? it?s essential to everyone?s success! How do you make sure and create relationships with your customers that are loyal, long-lasting and committed?

The core class for Influencing Options ?Influencing Skills?teaches us that we are always influencing and we are always delivering some level of the four Core Dimensions?Respect, Empathy, Specificity and Genuineness. We know that if we?re good at influencing we are able to get people to do what we want or need them to do while increasing trust and decreasing defensiveness.

In customer contacts, the risks are high?and often the challenges we face are rooted in providing service or communication when a customer is distressed, unhappy or feeling like we haven?t fulfilled a need. Use these practical, immediately useable skills to create the long-lasting, loyal customers you need to succeed!

This new course in the Influencing Options catalog teaches participants how to:

?Set a positive tone

??Bridge the Gap?

?Recognize customer distress

?Respond effectively to customer distress

?Perceive objectively, both the technical issue and any problem

?Perceive what is meant rather than what is said

?Deliver high levels of the Core Dimensions

?Extract from customer contacts

?Utilize effective customer contact skills in person and via telephone

Want to know more about this workshop or how you can begin to implement some of the tools Influencing Options has to offer? You can contact us by email at info@libbywagner.com. Libby is also available for interviews on this topic.

Libby Wagner
Professional Leadership Results, Inc.
Seattle, WA