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WAX Blockchain - Leading the Digital Collectibles Industry
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WAX Blockchain - Leading the Digital Collectibles Industry

The recent success of Blockchain Heroes Launch and GPK Topps NFT cards speak volumes about the WAX Blockchain | $150k trade volume in less than 5 days.

GöTEBORG, SWEDEN, August 16, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ -- At this point, everyone must be awestruck with the sequential successful launches of different digital collectibles on the WAX Blockchain. The first launch of GPK Topps Series-1 NFT cards had paved the way for other digital collectibles and it featured the demand for this industry and the potential of WAX Blockchain. The successful launch streak was followed by GPK Topps Exotic Cards, William Shatner Memorabilia, and now Blockchain Heroes. These launches on WAX Blockchain have not only created a ruffle in the time-space continuum of the Blockchain & Digital Collectables Industry but is transforming into an epicenter that drives the future of this industry.

There are many reasons for WAX Blockchain to stand-out among the competitors and I have covered those in detail during my previous articles which can be found here in my publications. Today, I want to discuss the recent success of Blockchain Heroes and explain why WAX is leading this industry.

First the basics, for anyone who isn’t familiar with what an NFT means and how you can get them, For more information, please visit: NFT Basics.

Blockchain Heroes:

Blockchain Heroes is a collectible digital trading card set featuring original characters inspired by the top creators, defenders, builders, and boosters in the blockchain space! This set of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) will be available exclusively on the WAX blockchain.

There are different varieties of cards and each card has a different rarity as well. The initial sale of the cards happened with the sale of packs in two formats: Hero Packs and Titan packs with each pack containing 5 and 30 cards, respectively. The initial sale price for each pack was around $5 for Hero Pack and $25 for a Titan Pack, the sale was sold-out and more than 60% of the packs are opened in less than 72hrs while raising a total of 2.25 million WAX tokens (~ $112k) during initial sale and generating a volume of 3 million WAX tokens in secondary markets.

That is simply crazy! In 10 weeks’, time span the team behind Blockchain Heroes started from an idea and made it to a successful launch. One of the reasons behind this success is the functionalities and the community in the WAX Blockchain ecosystem.

These successful launches and the community have attracted many prominent organizations like Marvel, Magic Leap, Animoca Brands, Atari, Gumi to join the WAX Advisory Council in the recent weeks. Some of these organizations are also planning to launch their own NFTs on the WAX Blockchain. Check out: https://council.wax.io/

The reason behind these successful launches is the ease of use of WAX Blockchain. In comparison, to other blockchains in this space WAX stands out with its functionalities with easy onboarding, NFT standards, Marketplaces, and a wonderful community of NFT enthusiasts. There are more launches planned in the next weeks and more exciting partnerships are yet to be announced.

So, if you are a company or a developer who is planning on offering digital collectibles then you should check out WAX Blockchain. It has all the tools needed to get you started and the secret recipe to make it successful. If you want to learn more or need help to get started, please reach out to the contacts below for this publication.

Thank you! Enjoy the summertime!

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