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3 April Fool’s Day Ads That Have Us Laughing
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Monday, April 01, 2019


Happy April Fool’s Day from us to you! If you’re one for practical jokes, harmless pranks or something—anything—to spice up this Monday, today is for you. As with many years past, brands are using the first of April to grab the attention of consumers. Here we break down three April Fool’s Day marketing campaigns that have caught our attention.

SodaStream turns burps into sparkling water

SodaStream’s April Fool’s campaign is a funny one though it’s timing isn’t ideal in light of last week’s canceled first all-female spacewalk due to issues with spacesuit sizing (really, REALLY?!). The spot features retired American astronaut Scott Kelly. He reflects on his time in space and the discomfort of frequent belching while orbiting earth. His constant burping spurred one golden idea—to turn the CO2 from his burps into sparkling water with the help of SodaStream. The video positions the sparkling water brand as good-humored and audiences seem to be taking to it, with over a quarter of a million views amassed in mere hours.

McDonald’s introduces its newest condiment: Shake Sauce

Not to be outdone by sparkling water, McDonald’s is also partaking in the April Fool’s Day festivities. Forget barbeque sauce or honey mustard, the fast-food chain has just added another dipping sauce to its arsenal: Shake Sauce. The portable milkshake available in strawberry, vanilla and shamrock flavors is capturing the hearts and minds of Americans online with one Twitter user lamenting, “But this would be good tho,” and another begging, “Please make it real.”

Smokey Bear is honored with a 500-foot monument

In honor of his 75 years of service, Smokey Bear announced this morning that a 500-foot monument is being created in his honor on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Fans are loving it online, with one Facebook commenter saying, “I know this is an April Fools, but I’d like to see this carved on a mountain close to Rushmore.” In the span of a couple hours, over 1,500 people have shared the Smokey’s faux-announcement across Facebook, proving that April Fool’s can be a great opportunity to increase brand awareness and promote social good.
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