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Suzanne Wexler -- Culture & Lifestyle Expert
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Suzanne Wexler -- Culture & Lifestyle Expert
Montreal, Quebec Canada
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Welcomes paid invitations to speak.
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Suzanne Wexler
Contact Phone: 514-704-0029
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Suzanne Wexler, Culture & Lifestyle Journalist, M.A.
Suzanne Wexler -- Culture & Lifestyle Expert

1. Whip-smart and upbeat culture and lifestyle journalist, M.A.,quoted in CBS/Viacom, NBC, Global National, Huffington Post, Reader's Digest, and GoodHouseKeeping.com, and has written for numerous newspapers and magazines, and provides upbeat trend analysis and segments for TV and radio. 

2. Well-researched and up-to-date expertise on the latest in lifestyle, especially relating to Gen Z's and Millennials, including digital communities like Cottagecore, E-Boy/E-Girl, VSCO, new vintage and consignment, moving away from NYC/LA/Chicago, the new suburban wave, Covid-19 social distancing changes.

3. Provides multiple current, real life examples in her stories. 

4. Leaves audiences with actionable take-aways they can use. 

5. Lively, friendly, and over-delivers with an informed perspective and historical context.

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