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How is AI used in a PR and publicity campaign?
I'm curious about how PR practitioners or publicists are using artificial intelligence in PR and publicity campaigns. Can you provide examples of how you've used it successfully? And a few examples of ways you would never use it? And if not, why not? Do you have guidelines for your own staff?
07/01/2024 02:55 PM
AI is being used in several different ways for PR. It starts by doing an analysis and doing a "sentiment analysis" to determine where the feelings are and what people are saying.

This is particularly good because it can go out and find what real people are saying in the real world through examination of Facebook groups email that is public, Reddit posts, and other areas where people will share more of their real feelings.

Then AI can also work well, in NPR by designing the carefully crafted wording that should go out based on the market. I can suggest certain phrases and words and approaches that work best with given markets.

In the midst of all of this, the most important part is that you would not want to do a copy and paste. Let AI be a great assistant for you do not take what is given without any editing or modification and just paste it in to your answers. Use your judgment. Discern what is right. Check the fax and make sure that AI is not hallucinating, which is something that it has been known to do.

I would also recommend using not just one large language model like chat GPT. Chat GPT is a great tool and I use it regularly, but I would also want to compare it to what I would get from a tool light perplexity and also Claude sonnet these two give different opinions and that is good to know.

I remember they told us as journalists that we were to get three non-corroborating sources before we believe anything. I think that is a good thing to do in AI as well so have more than one source available.

I hope this helps and if you have further question, please let me know.
Terry Brock

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