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I’m working on an article for NextAvenue.org about travel mishaps and how to prevent them (or recover, if necessary). I have plenty, from checking passport expiration date to air tags.
I’m looking for things people don’t normally consider. Maybe a new product that makes travel life easier.
This is for people 50+, so consider they might be traveling with grandchildren.
08/10/2023 06:09 PM
Hi, there is a new product on the market that seems to be a big help to 50+ travelers because so many 50+ would rather use a guidebook than an ebook or app.

These guidebooks come with something inside called a SpiniCity Spinner Board. But if used correctly, it enables visitors to keep their independence.

Example: if the visitor finishes seeing a site in a complicated city, they may not know what to do next. The SpiniCity board shows them on a map what is all around them so they can just go to the next nearest site. There are over 100 sites on the board, each with a number. That number is actually a page number in the guidebook that tells about that site. This makes it super easy to decide if you want to see it or pass it up for the next one.

For kids, this same spinner board has a spinning needle on it so that kids can play games with it, decide where the family goes next. Kid will read the page in the book, and teach the family about that place. It's a great way for kids of all ages to take ownership of parts of their trip - instead of being bored or playing video games.
There are side benefits to this approach: the family can time their visits on different sides of town so that they can avoid the peak crowd hours and still stay busy seeing other sites along the way.

Drawback: for your purposes, these products are only available for American travelers going to Italy: Rome, Florence, Venice. The line is new and will be expanded, but for now this is what exists.
The website is PattyCivalleri.com.

And hi, I'm Patty Civalleri, the author. This article you are writing seems to be targeted directly at the identical travel audience that I have been cultivating. I am releasing a whole line of travel goodies that people don't think of or that are hard to find. Example: little salt & pepper shakers because we Americans love our S&P, and so many countries don't use or provide it automatically (I have found insects or dirt in salt shakers in some places! Eeeew!) Or a disposable rain cover that weighs about 2 ounces and can live in your luggage until that unexpected rain occurs.

I would be happy to help with your article, as I have spent much time thinking about this very topic.
Cheers to your success!

Patty Civalleri
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