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Do you have a case study of a small business that has effectively solved a customer retention problem?
I'm writing an article about customer retention for a small-business newsletter, FuelNet Monthly, and need an anecdote, with a company that I'm free to name in print, about a small business, in any field, that has found a good solution to improve customer loyalty. My email is dplunkett@pohlyco.com. Thanks!
04/22/2009 11:28 AM
One of my clients, Tim Seale, President of Timber Trading Group in Worcester, Ma, has done a remarkable job in retaining loyal customers. As a distributor to retail lumber yards, they have created a registered process called PerfectPack (Please insert Registered Sign). This process increases inventory turns, reduces shrinkage and increase profits by giving the yard the pine in lengths they need and with packaging that makes it easier to stock. When you offer cusomtized solutions like this, customers tend to stay very loyal.

Ron Karr
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