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Any helpful moving stories?
Greetings. I'm working as a freelance interviewer for the How To Survive series of books. Currently I'm gathering stories about moving for the upcoming book How To Survive A Move. Do you have a true account to share which will help others contemplating a move? Here are some suggested topics: How do you go about finding a good place? How to avoid buying a money pit. Bon voyage parties. Saying goodbye to close friends. What to keep, what to throw away. How do you find time to pack/unpack? How do you move heavy, bulky objects? What should ride with you and not in the moving van? Any helpful hints on moving pets? How do you help children adjust to the new house/school/neighborhood?

Please make your story personal -- include a true example you experienced as well as provide advice.

Thank you! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at graciela@comcast.net.
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