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Any updated information on the Purple Pearl?
My husband and I owned a Deli in Pawtucket Rhode Island the last five years and a customer walked in with a beautiful purple pearl necklace on and i made a comment to her that it was stunning and her reply was her and her husband go quahoging and she found it in one of the quahogs..This was in 1993 and i was aware how rare it was but she was not..she still does not believe me to this day and even back in 1993 she told me i could borrow it at any time...In the mean time we did become friends over the years and even have gone quahoging with them..She stated the next time she finds a purple pearl from a quahog it's mine..I don't want it because she is not aware of the rarity..Please note her husband is a cop and they are such a wonderful couple but i need to make sure she purchases insurance and keeps it in a safe place...She really does not believe this story is true..Any information you can provide i will forward to her...I sincerely appreciate any help you many provide...Thank you in advance. Anne Mooney
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