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After 25 years of continuously working, I am out of work and looking to get myself re-employed. Should I chg direction?
I met with you at the Smithhaven Mall (A&S, L.I., NY) in 1970/1971 at age 14. You gave me a palmistry reading and told me I would be lucky in love. WOW! I eventually met (and still with) the man of my hopes and dreams. In this day and age, your prediction was unexpectedly accurate. You also said that I had a serious illness at a very early age (also correct!). At age 22, I went on to astrology classes in Northport with Ivan (I no longer remember his last name). He spoke favorably of Numerology and Palmistry. And here I am at age 47, unemployed after 25 years of employment (looking to get re-employed here in a Hartford, CT suburb), and rediscovering my Maxine Lucille Fiel Palmisty kit which I purchased from you 33 years ago! I'm also amazed by John Edward and been unsuccessful in my attempts to obtain tickets to his show for 2 years! While I know I need to make a living in the real world, in my newly acquired available time, I find myself drawn back to the less traditional messages that I believe God intends to provide to us along with the conventional (and symbiotic) forms of religious communication.

I took a chance to search your name on the internet and was so happy to locate your website. People like you, Ivan and John have been given something EXTRA. And I am very thankful that I was a beneficent receiver. I hope you and yours are well. Thank you, from a teenager from the distant past.
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