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Stand Up For Great Lakes
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Stand Up For Great Lakes
Traverse City, MI United States
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Scott Lorenz
Plymouth, MI
United States
Contact Phone: 734-667-2090

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Stand Up For Great Lakes
Stand Up For Great Lakes
Stand Up For Great Lakes

My goal is to inspire people around the Great Lakes to stand up for them," added Max Ward. "The Great Lakes are crucial to the lives of every living thing in and around the lakes.

"The lakes represent 84% of North America's fresh water supply," says Owen Werner. "My concern is that  plastic particles as small as a pin head are getting into fish and damaging the habitat as well. Over 20 million pounds of plastic ends up in the lakes each year, and those numbers will only continue to grow"

About Stand Up for Great Lakes:

It began with a love of water. The group has crossed four of the five great lakes by stand-up paddleboard and has raised more than $80,000 to help raise awareness of the issues facing the  Great Lakes. The lakes are under threat. Oil pipelines of questionable integrity, invasive species, sewage leakage, pharmaceutical pollution, agricultural runoff, and those who choose to throw beer cans and cigarette butts wherever they please, the list of threats to these majestic and vital bodies of water is endless. We're asking others to Stand Up for Great Lakes and provide support and encourage us on this important mission.

For more information or to make a donation, visit their website at StandUpForGreatLakes.com.

Watch the trailer for their Lake Superior Crossing here and follow their updates on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/standupforgreatlakes/

About Jeff Guy: Guy, 32, is a financial advisor in Traverse City. He also enjoys golf, hockey and fishing. He lives in downtown Traverse City, MI.

About Joe Lorenz: Lorenz, 32, is a personal training manager with Anytime Fitness locations in Traverse City. When he's not helping people achieve their fitness goals, he's up for almost anything involving water, travel, adventure, fitness, or beer.

About Kwin Morris: Morris, 31, was born and raised in northern Michigan, making him a keen waterman, traveler, and adventurer. He is a teacher in the Elk Rapids School District and is also a SUP/Yoga instructor for Paddle Guys.

About Corey Adkins: Adkins is an 11-time Emmy award-winning Director of Photojournalism for 9 & 10 News, a CBS affiliate based in Cadillac, Michigan. A gifted storyteller, he won "Best Documentary" from the Associated Press in 2018 for his filming of the Huron crossing, which can be seen here. The Michigan Association of Broadcasters (MAB) honored him for best special interest programing for the Huron documentary. He also won a 2015 award on a commemorative Edmund Fitzgerald production.

Media Contact: To arrange an interview, contact Scott Lorenz of Westwind Communications at scottlorenz@westwindcos.com or by phone at 248-705-2214