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Sam Waltz, APR, Fellow PRSA
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Sam Waltz, APR, Fellow PRSA
Wilmington, DE United States
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Contact Information
Samuel L Waltz Jr
Greenville, Wilmington, DE
United States
Main Phone: 302 777 7774
Contact Phone: 302 777 7774
Cell Phone: 302 777 7774

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Sam Waltz APR, Fellow PRSA

Samuel L Waltz Jr, Greenville, DE, is a nationally known business and civic leader who is founder of Alliance1099.org LLC, a Professional Society for 1099 Independent Contractors. A Vietnam-era Veteran of US Army CounterIntelligence, he is an early-out DuPont Co External Affairs executive who in 1993 founded SamWaltz.com Strategic Capital & Business Counsel (www.SamWaltz.com), a business and public affairs consultancy. Later, he served in 1999 as the elected global and national president and board chair of his own professional society for business communications and public affairs, the Public Relations Society of America (www.PRSA.org). RUNNING TO TROUBLE is the working title of Sam Waltz' autobiography. It describes a life shaped by his experiences as a farm boy and small town native, a Christian, a Boy Scout, a volunteer in Vietnam-era US Army CounterIntelligence, a publisher, journalist, executive & consultant who is a creative problem-solver and inspiring leader by nature.