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Reuben Vandeventer -- Data Clairvoyance
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Reuben Vandeventer -- Data Clairvoyance
Indianapolis, IN United States
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Contact Information
Reuben Vandeventer
Bloomington, IN
United States
Contact Phone: 812-322-7848

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Reuben Vandeventer
We create real competitive advantage through data, by aggressively reducing data redundancy and creating clarity for the meaning & purpose of data.

Data Clairvoyance removes data chaos? by visualizing the current state value of data, improving utility and usefulness of data, eradication of data redundancy and deriving new information for business strategies & decisions.

The business landscape is changing daily. With Data Clairvoyance your probability of mastering this new data frontier is higher than with any other; we ensure you have clarity into what is meaningful & valuable in data, to achieve key business goals & strategy.