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Jim Ciardella --- Ferrari Writer
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Jim Ciardella --- Ferrari Writer
Los Gatos, CA United States
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Jim Ciardella
Morgan Hill, CA
United States
Contact Phone: (669) 258-5107
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Jim Ciardella

Jim Ciardella is a storyteller, Ferrari enthusiast, and native Californian. 

Born and raised in Palo Alto, California, he grew up in the heart of Silicon Valley and witnessed the dot.com boom and the changes it created. In 2005, Jim met Brian Burnett, co-owner of Ferrari of Los Gatos. Over the years, Brian told Jim numerous stories about Ferrari of Los Gatos and finished each tale with these words: "And someone ought to write a book about it"

One night, after many stories and Brian's predictable conclusion, Jim told him, "I'll do it.  I'll write the book"

Jim has had a career as a finance executive with technology companies. No matter what position he held, writing played a considerable part. He believes, "The written word can weave memories into an amazing story"

Jim Ciardella, Author
(669) 258-5107
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