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iPhone App Marketing, App Review, iPhone App Publicity
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iPhone App Marketing, App Review, iPhone App Publicity
Plymouth, MI United States
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Welcomes paid invitations to speak.
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Scott Lorenz
Plymouth, MI
United States
Main Phone: 734-667-2090
Contact Phone: 734-667-2090
Cell Phone: 734-667-2090
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With hundreds of thousands of iPhone and Droid apps available for sale how can any Smartphone App developer get traction with their app?

It?s simple: Publicity.

How do you get it? Hire a publicist who?ll ?pitch? the media about your iPhone or Driod app.

That's Where Westwind iPhone App Publicity Comes In

Westwind has the media contacts in the tech world and in main stream media and will get the reviews and media coverage you desire.

Westwind has promoted dozens of Apps and hundreds of books, products and services using publicity. Apps are becoming so important to our society that the media MUST report on ones that are of interest to their audience. To get the media?s attention you need someone who deals with the news media on a daily basis.

Sure you can do PR yourself up to a point. But, if you?re not available when they call or are busy writing code all the time, you may miss the opportunity for exposure. Furthermore, do you really want to allocate a few hours of your day to strategize and promote your app? Of course not, and that?s why smart developers hire a publicist to handle that chore.

Tell us about your app at www.iPhoneAppPublicity.com and we?ll create a proposal for you. In the meantime get ?21 Tips on How to Promote your at App? at: www.iPhoneAppPublicity.com

For more information contact App Publicist Scott Lorenz at scottlorenz@iPhoneAppPublicity.com or by phone at 734-667-2090.