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Patrick Reynolds -- TobaccoFree.org
Los Angeles, CA United States
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Christine Hou
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Patrick Reynolds
Patrick Reynolds
Patrick Reynolds
Patrick Reynolds

"Reynolds' knowledge and insights made it easier for our audience to understand complex issues" --CNN

"An articulate and formidable guest" --Good Morning America

"Reynold's encore appearance was terrific" --Larry King Live

"Patrick Reynolds' testimony is invaluable to our society" --Former U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop


Patrick Reynolds, President

Bio: http://www.tobaccoFree.org/bio

Current news: http://www.tobaccoFree.org

Video clips: http://www.tobaccoFree.org/clips

Patrick Reynolds watched his father, R.J. Reynolds, Jr., and eldest brother, R.J. Reynolds III, die from smoking-caused emphysema. In 1986, Mr. Reynolds became the first tobacco industry figure to speak out publicly against the cigarette companies, when he testified in Congress in favor of an end to all tobacco advertising. Former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop called his testimony "invaluable to our society" and also commented, "Patrick Reynolds is one of the nation's most influential advocates of a smokefree America" Since first taking his stand, he continues to crisscross the nation to speak, and advocate laws and referendums nationally.

Mr. Reynolds has been invited as a guest on Good Morning America, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News Channel, Nightline, Larry King, the Today Show and numerous other talk, news and debate shows. He is a frequent keynote speaker before universities, conferences and youth groups. Mr. Reynolds is President of Tobaccofree.Org, which in 2011 released "The Truth About Tobacco," a new educational video of his live assembly program for middle and high schools. In 1989, Little, Brown published his bestselling book, "The Gilded Leaf," -- to rave revues. http://www.TobaccoFree.org/book

  • Teen smoking prevention
  • In our age when youth are worried about their future, renewing their hope can help motivate them to hold on to their health, and avoid drugs and tobacco
  • Smoking cessation for adults
  • Why are so many States are cutting their tobacco education programs, despite proven strong results in reducing youth smoking?

    Can discuss the importance of:

  • FDA regulation of tobacco
  • Higher tobacco taxes
  • Limiting youth access
  • Banning smoking in the workplace
  • Spending on tobacco prevention and cessation programs
  • New limits on tobacco advertising