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Greg Womack -- Certified Financial Planner
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Greg Womack -- Certified Financial Planner
Oklahoma City, OK United States
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Welcomes paid invitations to speak.
Contact Information
Greg Womack, CFP
Edmond, OK
United States
Contact Phone: 405-340-1717
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Greg Womack Certified Financial Planner
For over 27 years, Greg Womack has been an active professional in the financial services industry. His business experience teamed with his simple, yet dynamic, delivery of financial core concepts makes him a great guest speaker for any organization. Through speaking engagements and workshops, Womack communicates his passion for helping others. Womack helps attendees find their sense of financial purpose and helps them create a plan for wealth management.

He has earned professional certification by the College of Financial Planners, headquarters in Denver, Colorado, and is entitled to use the ?CFP? professional designation. He serves as President and Principal of Womack Investment Advisers, Inc. (WIA), an independent registered investment advisory firm. WIA is an independent registered investment advisor with the Securities Exchange Commission.

His practice focuses on providing clients with a wide range of planning services, with an emphasis on investment management and fee-based planning. He has built his practice on the use of individualized financial plans to help clients make profitable steps towards their life goals. His book Wisdom and Wealth gives readers a solid understanding of how to create, preserve and continue their wealth and well-being.

He is a frequent guest on local television stations as a financial expert and has appeared numerous times on CNBC TV as a guest expert. Greg writes and speaks frequently on a wide range of financial planning topics. He has authored has numerous articles and has been quoted in nationwide publications, including: Barron?s, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes.com, Kiplinger?s, USA Today, U.S. News & World Report, and TheStreet.com.

You can contact Greg by phone at: 405-340-1717 or e-mail at:

Additional contact info:

Raegan Thornhill, Raegan@womackadvisers.com