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David Meerman Scott -- Strategic Internet Marketing Consultant
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David Meerman Scott -- Strategic Internet Marketing Consultant
Boston, MA United States
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Contact Information
David Meerman Scott
Lexington, MA
United States
Contact Phone: 617-513-9548

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Web marketing expert David Meerman Scott, author of "Cashing In With Content: How Innovative Marketers Use Digital Information to Turn Browsers Into Buyers," focuses on using online content to market and sell products and services to demanding customers worldwide. He is also an expert on business blogs and blogging. David has lived in New York, Tokyo, Boston, and Hong Kong, and has presented at conferences and events in over twenty countries on four continents.

In failing to provide visitors with great information content, most of today's Web sites are missing a golden opportunity to create loyal customers?and leaving a fortune in new and repeat business on the table. According to Web marketing expert David Meerman Scott, too many marketers focus on style over substance. While a site may win awards for graphic design, Scott demonstrates that the key to Web marketing success is compelling content, delivered in new and surprising ways.

In his book, "Cashing in with Content," he interviews 20 of today's most innovative Web marketers, sharing their secrets for using content to turn browsers into ers, to encourage repeat business, and to unleash the amazing power of viral marketing. The book features a diverse range of content-savvy organizations from the worlds of e-commerce, business to- business, and government/not-for-profit, including the Wall Street Journal Online, CARE USA, Kenyon College, Alcoa, Tourism Toronto, Weyerhaeuser, Booz Allen Hamilton, Aerosmith, and United Parcel Service.

"Cashing In With Content blasts away the myths about what makes online businesses great. David Scott shows you what works and why, and provides proven best practices to make these ideas work for you"
- Bill Stinnett author of Think Like Your Customer

"A treasure chest of ideas for making your website more interesting and compelling"
- Al & Laura Ries, Bestselling authors of The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding, The Fall of Advertising & the Rise of PR, and The Origin of Brands.