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Washington, DC United States
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John M. Snyder
Titusville, VA
United States
Main Phone: 2022398005
Contact Phone: 2022398005
Cell Phone: 2022398005
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Noted as the Gun Dean by Human Events and the ?dean of gun lobbyists? by The Washington Post and The New York Times, gun law expert John Snyder is the author of the book GUN SAINT, which gives an account of a canonized Catholic saint who used handguns in 1860 to rescue Italian villagers from a gang of terrorists.

Snyder has worked for 50 years on behalf of Second Amendment rights as a National Rifle Association editor, Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms director, Second Amendment Foundation trustee, National Association of Chiefs of Police board member, and www.GunRightsPolicies.org founder.

Click Here for John Snyder" book: Gun Saint