Meg Jordan, PhD., RN, CWP -- Global Medicine Hunter (R)
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Meg Jordan, PhD., RN, CWP -- Global Medicine Hunter (R)
San Francisco, CA United States
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Meg Jordan, PhD., RN, NBC-HWC
Novato, CA
United States
Main Phone: 14155995523
Contact Phone: 415 599-5523
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Global Medicine Hunter(R)

Meg Jordan, PhD, RN, NBC-HWC, Lifestyle medicine specialist, Global Medicine Hunter, Medical Anthropologist, Author and Authoritative and Lively Source for...

* Experienced TV journalist and radio host

* Expert opinion on global health and behavioral medicine issues and health coaching

* Natural medicine, holistic health, CAM, indigenous health, alternative health

* Cultural trends, weight loss, wellness

* Health freedoms and political issues.

Dr Jordan is a medical anthropologist, an international health journalist, radio personality, editor and founder of American Fitness Magazine, and the Global Medicine Hunter. She is Department Chair and Professor of Integrative Health Studies at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco and has lectured for San Francisco State University and UCLA. She is a doctor of behavioral medicine in clinical practice in northern California, formerly with the Health Medicine Center. Dr. Jordan received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Wellness Institute. Her syndicated columns, radio & television reports, and special media projects cover health, wellness, integrative medicine, indigenous healing traditions and cultural trends. Her doctoral research has focused on the collaborative attempts among practitioners to combine medical modalities within integrative settings. She was a core faculty member of a new media venture with Deepak Chopra entitled MyPotential, and was a founding correspondent on iVillage, covering Global Health for women.

Her syndicated columns on health and wellness are distributed to over 17 major newspapers and magazines worldwide. She is a former health reporter for KTVU-San Francisco, a regular media commentator for CNN and several national shows, and author of five books. Her book, THE FITNESS INSTINCT was a minor bestseller, Rodale Reach 1999) and has been acclaimed as "the most original thinking in fitness in 20 years" Founder of AFAA's American Fitness Magazine, she has also authored college texts including Fitness: Theory & Practice. Her new book in progress is Adventures of a Global Medicine Hunter. Her latest DVD is "Listening to the World: Integrating Traditional, Alternative and Western Medicine" from BetterLife Media.

As a registered nurse, she supervised cardiac rehabilitation units and opened the nation's first hospital-based wellness center at Daniel Freeman Hospital in Los Angeles. She is also president of Global Health Media, a health communications and research firm, which provides groundbreaking reports on health and fitness, motivation, lifestyle change and worldwide cultural health trends. In development are multi-media presentations of her findings as the Global Medicine Hunter, a unique two-way media enterprise that enhances the lives of indigenous people, while exploring native methods of healing. She serves on numerous advisory boards, including the California Association of Naturopathic Physicians, the California Institute of Integral Studies, Health Medicine Institute, and was a hospital trustee with the ValleyCare Health System, where she helped launched a wellness center. She is winner of the coveted Healthy American Fitness Leader award, a founding member of the California Governor's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, and creator of over 22 platinum-selling videos on health and fitness. A featured presenter with the National Wellness Speakers Bureau, Meg consistently receives the highest marks for seminar presentations and keynotes with American Heart Association, Lucent Technologies, California Department of Health, and many more organizations. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, and enjoys a wide range of activities including racing sailboats, hiking in redwood forests, hosting salons, time with friends and family, and adventure travel.