Chris Majer -- Founder and CEO of The Human Potential Project
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Chris Majer -- Founder and CEO of The Human Potential Project
Seattle, WA United States
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Chris Majer -- Founder and CEO of The Human Potential Project

Chris Majer is the founder and CEO of the Human Potential Project (HP2). He is a modern day entrepreneur,social innovator and adventurer who has trekked the wilds of Africa, Alaska and the Amazon. He is a rugby player with a master's degree who has taught hand-to-hand combat to Marines, performance principles to the Special Forces, and leadership, management, strategy and innovation to the corporate world.

Chris' work evolved out of his early days as a competitive rugby player. In 1981 he began by working exclusively with athletes to isolate and reproduce the elements of consistent winning performance. His success with individual athletes and teams caught the attention of the military, and he and his firm spent nearly three years working with the Army to design new ways of training soldiers. This work culminated in a year-long classified project with the Army's Special Forces.

In the mid 80s the firm began working with corporate clients, again generating remarkable results. Under Chris' leadership, the firm grew into a skilled team of professionals working globally. Chris was the principal architect of transformational projects for corporate clients such as AT&T, Cargill, Microsoft, Intel, EDS, Capital One, Amgen, and Allianz Life of North America.

Chris has spent more than two decades developing innovative and highly effective approaches for enabling organizations of any size to maximize their performance. This transformational body of work is called Commitment-Based Management.

He is the author of 20 white papers and "The Power to Transform – Your New Life Awaits," which was published by Made for Success Publishing.

Chris earned his MPA in Organizational Development from the University of Washington. He also studied extensively with philosopher Dr. Fernando Flores, known for his work on the foundations of commitment-based management. In addition, he has been an Aikido student and spent time with various martial arts teachers.

He has been featured in Time, People and Esquire and has appeared on "The Today Show," "Charlie Rose," and the "MacNeil/Lehrer Report" Chris has frequently served as a keynote speaker at venues around the world.

Presentation Topics

Competing for the Future – The future isn't what it used to be. In days gone by we could look at today and safely say tomorrow was going to be much like it. Today, disruption is the name of the game and if you aren't prepared to mobilize your people and resources with speed and agility, you will get left behind in a game where catching up is nearly impossible. Learn about the forces and factors that are driving this new world and how to build a sustainable competitive advantage as you compete for your future.

Innovate or Die – "Innovation" Everyone says it's critical,  everyone knows it's important, everyone talks about it, but no one can do it consistently. It's really rather simple; if you cannot constantly innovate your company has no future. Chris Majer has been showing companies how to innovate for 25 years. There is actually a methodology that enables you to treat innovation as a competitive advantage as opposed to a "lightening strike" Get ready for a look at a new way of working.

Teamwork: It's Not for Sissies – "Teamwork" is the buzzword on everyone's lips, yet most companies don't possess the real practices or systems to support it. Chris has worked with Olympic teams, professional teams, Special Forces and Marine teams, and dozens of corporate teams, teaching the keys to genuine team work. Now it's your turn.

Transform Now – Tomorrow is Too Late! – In today's world, incrementalism is your enemy. Tectonic change is the new reality and most companies meet it with puny "baby steps" responses. In this presentation, Chris will show you what it really takes to transform your organization. Just as importantly, he will get you and your team excited about the prospects. Why is he qualified to talk about this? He took a money-losing division of AT&T and helped it generate $3 billion in profit in 48 months. He helped Capital One start a 1,500 person call center in 180 days, and showed Columbia House how to initiate a new business unit in seven months when their previous best was 18 months. Are you ready to be next?

Unleash Your Super Powers – You've all heard the dreaded phrase, "You have so much potential" Yet it seems this vast reservoir of possibility remains untapped.  We are all born with super powers but no one ever showed us how to use them. Now's your chance! To be clear, you won't be getting a cape or costume, but you will be getting a taste of what you can really do and how you can create a new life for yourself!