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National Professional Travelers Association --
Washington, DC United States
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Mitchell P. Davis
Washington, DC
United States
Contact Phone: 202-333-5000

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NPTA -- National Professional Travelers Association

The National Professional Travelers Association (NPTA) is a private networking club.

It is free to join for professionals who travel -- To join please request to join the LinkedIn group at the link below. We send a weekly email to the members of the club with the LinkedIn system. You can set your linking preference to receive it not. Topics in the newsletter are designed for business travelers --we almost called it the Road Warriors Society.
********Topics include;
*** With all the changes which airline's frequent flyer program is best American, Delta, United -- maybe some other -- or does it all come the which airlines serves your city?
***You've got all those miles in the bank, what else can you get with them?
***Also networking opportunism for those have traveled at lot we review two clubs you may want to join: The Circumnavigators's Club or The Travelers' Century Club.

Individual membership is offered to business travelers -- we welcome anyone who travels on a professional basis.

................If you qualify, please join our linkedin group -- click on the links below or call Mitchell P. Davis @ (202) 333-5000.

We may ask to see a copy of your an airline loyalty card if is not clear otherwise in your Linkedin profiles that you are business professional who travels.

**Membership is open on individual basic at no cost to:
Those in an airline loyalty program with a silver or 25,000 miles or above status.
Those who have 250 or more connections at Linkedin
Those who are members of any the associations or clubs listed below.

Here's a link direct to the Linkedin group:

To request to join, simply visit the Linkedin group and click the join button.

NPTA participates in recipricol arrangements with many groups and clubs, where we invite their members to our events at no charge, and return they invite our members to their events at no charge.

As a courtesy the membership is waived for members of these associations and clubs:
**The Wharton Club of Washington DC
**The Circumnavigators's Club
**The Travelers' Century Club
**Global Business Travel Association (GBTA)
**National Federation of Independent Business
If you are a member of a speaking, coaching, training, or consulting you are most welcome to join.