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Jack Beauregard -- Successful Transition Planning Institute
Cambridge, MA United States
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Jack Beauregard
Cambridge, MA
United States
Contact Phone: 1.800.414.9405
Cell Phone: 617.267.9727
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Jack Beauregard is a nationally recognized expert in the intellectual "head," emotional "heart" and "core" idenetity issues that are invbolved in people  discovering and connecting to your true Authentic Self. Jack's programs shows how to use the power of authenticity for personal and leadership development. Jack is highly effective in helping people who are experiencing a major life transition successful answer the "who am I" and "what's next" questions. An innovative thinker, Jack is the founder/CEO of the Successful Transition Planning Institute, located in Cambridge MA, whose strategic planning steps, proprietary principles and decision making techniques have been helping people who are experiencing divorce, retiring, the loss of a loved one discover who they really are, so they know how they can fill the next stage of their lives with new meaning and purpose. Jack has trained over fifty professionals on four continents in his personal transition coaching methodology.

Jack is the author of eleven books. The highly acclaimed book, Finding Your New Owner, was voted as one of the top ten management books in 2012 by the Small Business Book Awards.  Jack has been an interview guest on over sixty radio stations nationally on his latest book the 7 Principles For Living With Authenticity: Discovering Your True Self When Facing Life Changes. In his first book:  The Power of Balance: Seven Principles for Transforming Mind, Spirit, and Self Jack shared his personal journey  in how to connect to the authentic self. Jack is also the author of seven handbooks that shows people how to create new lives after going through major life transition such as divorce, the loss of a loved one, retiring etc.   
He has presented his unique integrated transition planning approach on many programs, including National Public Radio and the Voice of America worldwide business program, as well as conferences, seminars and workshops. He has been quoted in numerous articles in publications such as "Banker & Tradesman, and "Harvard Management Update," and most recently, Forbes magazine. Jack was recently chosen by Boston Voyager as one of Boston's most inspiring entrepreneurs and independent business owners.