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Mitchell P. Davis -- Editor and Publisher of www.ExpertClick.com
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Mitchell P. Davis -- Editor and Publisher of www.ExpertClick.com
Washington, DC United States
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Contact Information
Mitchell P. Davis
Washington, DC
United States
Main Phone: 202-333-5000
Contact Phone: 202-333-4904
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USA Today
At a trade show
Broadcast Interview Source, Inc., was founded in July 1984, by Mitchell Davis, a recent Georgetown University Business School Graduate. He learned the business working for Radio & Records Magazine.

1984 -- Broadcast Interview Source publishes first edition of the Yearbook, mailing 750 copies of a 64-page booklet to talk radio shows. Talk Show Yearbook first released with contact information for the nation?s talk shows.

1985 -- Broadcast publishes the second edition of the Yearbook with 20 paid listings from The Ad Council. The Associated Press requests 1,000 copies.

1986 -- The New York Times dubs the Yearbook, ?Dial-An-Expert.?

1987 -- Leading news/talk radio stations, ?60 Minutes? and ?Donahue? purchase copies of the Yearbook.

1988 -- Media circulation grows to 4,000 copies. The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post publish reviews. The Associated Press calls it, ?An Encyclopedia of Sources.?

1989 -- Power Media Yearbook of top print journalists becomes another Broadcast Interview Source publication.

1992 -- Yearbook circulation grows to 12,000 copies a year.

1994 -- The White House, IRS and CIA place listings. 100,000 total copies in print.

1995 -- Newsweek and The New York Times Magazine run features on the Yearbook. Journalists request 9,000 print copies.

1996 -- Our Web site goes online and serves as the interactive companion to the printed Yearbook.

1997 -- Broadcast launches Daybook.com, an online calendar of the day?s media events.

1998 -- LexisNexis includes the Yearbook in its extensive search engine.

1999 -- Free Library/BIS Publishing, Inc., now has 5 titles in print: Yearbook of Experts (Annual), Power Media Yearbook (Annual), Talk Show Yearbook (Annual), Baseball Goes to War (History).

2001 -- NewsReleaseWire.com debuts, offering a secure way to send news releases. NewsMedia-Yearbook.com launches with live listings of journalists.

2002 -- InterviewNet.com comes alive to offer direct e-mail contact, one-to-one or one-to-many.